Hello! And welcome to the wonderful world of Jennalla!

Well, after finally remembering my loggin and password for this site, I finally have time to write my blog’s.

My blog’s include random rants about everyday things that get on my nerves as well as some of my personal experiences, which normally include the situation with guys and a lot of unanswered questions I hope people can help me with.

So what about me? Well I was born on the 19th November 1988, I am 5ft 2″, I have blue eyes and black (dyed) hair. Oh and I drive a Fiat Punto, aka Lil Blu… Please no Punto jokes. I have heard them all… Literally.

What do I do? Well I am a Law Student and I also write for The Ambler Community Newspaper.

Music tastes? Journey, Alicia Keys, You Me At Six, Paramore, Guns & Roses, The Pretty Reckless and The Lost Prophets are just a few of my favourite artists.

Style? Skinny jeans, vest tops, converse and black nail varnish… That should do it.

So that it me. And this is my life. Laid out. Like an open book.



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