Dole claimants may be forced into manual work and other benefit related issues

Dole Claimants May Be Forced Into Manual Work… I think this is the best idea the Government has had in a very long time!

I think that unless you have an illness or health issue that prevents you from working, over a long period of time, then that is the only way you should be able to claim benefits, for example having a disability, needing an operation or a mental health issue. The rest of the reasons should be scraped.

I don’t agree with the fact that single parents or parents who cannot be bothered to work can claim benefits left right and centre and still don’t get pressured into working as they have children to look after. I mean there are genuine people who have children who can’t get employment or who have child care issues and can therefore only work part time, but the people who annoy me the most is the people who have children just so they can get another few hundred a year in benefits.

Why should people get paid to sit on their arses and look after children all day? Isn’t that what Sure Start and other child care agencies are for?

The other thing that I don’t agree on is the benefits advice you can get from citizens advice. I know I used to work for them but it was one area that really used to annoy me. I really don’t understand why the advisers should have to give advice to people who just want to basically scrounge of the country for the rest of their lives.

I will admit there are some people who don’t have the choice and have to claim benefits due to being unemployed or being made redundant but is that any reason to just say “sod it I don’t need to look for a job as the state looks after me”?

There is no reason why people in the UK, unless they have a health condition, should be unemployed to be honest. All we need to do is send the Polish and other foreigners back over to their countries and then there will be loads of jobs for people to go into. Surely that would answer all the Governments issues?

And another thing which makes me wonder is that when I worked at CAB there was a guy there who was training to be an adviser. He could hardly speak English, or understand it for that matter so why the hell did they have him training as an adviser? Answer: Because if they didn’t accept him it would be racial discrimination.

Discrimination also annoys me. There should only be disability discrimination in my opinion and that should only count if the person is handicapped or in a wheelchair. But all the other types of discrimination are just uncalled for. Religious Discrimination, well for a start what is religion? And who cares? Gender Discrimination men joke about women and women take the piss out of men, people who cannot handle that should just grow up and accept the fact that if they failed to get the job (or whatever) it was because there was a more successful candidate. Racial Discrimination, this one annoys me as black people can have whatever they want, take the MOBOs for example, but if White people were to have an award for white artists only we would be classed as being racist. Where is the equality in that? After all we are suppose to be all about equality in this country aren’t we?

But getting back to the subject about people being forced to work. The Government are going to make it law that you must work 30 hours per week for your jobseekers allowance. Again I think this is a really good idea. It will, hopefully, give an incentive for people to get a job because who is going to want to work 30 hours a week for about £50 of jobseekers allowance? No-one is.

Here is the link of the story featured on the sky news website.




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