Equal opportunities and the benefit system

Everyone is so hooked on Equal Opportunities and being Politically Correct it is unreal!

I got called a racist because I said that my views on equal opportunities were that they didn’t exist and that  people pay tax and National Insurance for foreigners to come across here and get all the help they can, as well as take up all the jobs that could go to British people who are unemployed.

Now that to me isn’t racist. I cannot be racist. I am not fully English as my mothers side of the family are Swedish but when they came across here, they worked for their money. Not scrounged it off the Government.

Getting back to my point about the equal opportunities act though, they claim that government organisations such as the jobcentre and local councils all have to stand by equal opportunities so why is it that if a British citizen goes into the jobcentre and applies for benefits they hardly get anything but if I was foreign with a child I would get everything they can offer? They don’t get all the means tested crap.

Surely if there are so many million people in Britain out of employment, then the government should stop people coming into the country for employment? I personally think that if people want to come into the country they should have to pay £5,000 and then they should have to be on a 6 month trial, if in that 6 months they don’t have a job then they should be sent back to their country and they should get no benefits while they are here.

The other thing that has boiled my goat is the fact that there are a lot more people just having children because they know that they would be better off on benefits than actually working.

Take that couple that have 7 kids, for example, they get £42,000 per year in benefits and they were quoted “why work when we can get £42,000 a year in benefits and drive a Mercedes?” This really makes my blood boil. They actually think that they have a right to do this. And what are the government doing about people like this??? Absolutely sod all. They are also demanding a bigger house as they are expecting their 8th child and have also been reported to have said that they want 14 children all together.
They get £815 per week and they told a newspaper that it isn’t enough to live on and with the cost of living going up by 80p per year they are worried that they won’t be able to cope. They also told the paper that they can’t afford holidays and that they don’t want their children being brought up on a council estate.

Now that makes me think. Why don’t you want your kids brought up on a council estate? Plenty of people are brought up around council estates and if they lazy, scrounging bastards can’t be bothered to get a job then they shouldn’t be living in complete luxury with 2 cars and a 4 bedroom house etc. But in my opinion if the kids were brought up around a council estate, around people whose family weren’t getting as much money as them then the kids could end up getting bullied or even attacked. And all because their parents are complete scum of the earth and can’t be bothered to work.

The country is completely messed up and it doesn’t matter how many times the government say that they are going to make cut backs etc, it will never happen to people like I have just described. The only people it will effect are the people who are living on basically nothing to start with.

The whole thing is completely fucked up. People are always saying that the country has gone to shit and it really has! Take Scotland, for example, education and higher education is free and so are prescriptions but in England we have to pay for everything and if people are on benefits they only get prescriptions for free and have to go without the education they want.

And the government call this equal? People aren’t equal. There has always been the upper class, the working class and the lower class. It is pointless attempting to even make it equal. A high paid business man isn’t equal to someone who is unemployed, just like a working mother isn’t equal to an unemployed mother. So where do they get the idea to treat everyone equal when people aren’t equal in the first place?




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