I have been thinking over the past couple of days that religion is so over rated.

The thing that got me thinking about this was the Papal Visit. There had been millions spent on having the Pope here for 3 days and I completely think that it is such a waste of money!

The Government are constantly complaining about cost cutting and making changed to better the economic downfall and then they go away and spend 12 million on some 83 year old to come across and do a mass then to go back to Rome again. It is completely pointless. What was the pope going to achieve by being here? What difference was it going to make? None what-so-ever.

The 12 million they have wasted on this could have gone towards helping scientists discover a new treatment for cancer, it could have gone towards building jobs for those who are unemployed and so many other things that are a major issue in the UK at the moment.

But instead they spent it on a private plane, BMW’s to ferry him around, security and luxury accommodation for him to stay in. If he is suppose to believe that all of Gods people are equal and all that crap surely a taxi, a first-class ticket and a B&B would be more suitable, more equal?

Apparently, though, it is cause for celebration as there hasn’t been a Papal Visit for 28 years! OMG how have we survived for the past 28 years? Get real.

And did he not cover up the allegations of child molestation by priests? So how come people let that go? Because they are Catholic? So does that mean it is ok for Catholic priests to abuse children? No it certainly does not! So whose bright idea was it to have a choir of school children singing at the masses? Surely that would just bring all the allegations and rumours up again?

A lot of people don’t actually know what the Pope does or why he is so important. And to be honest I don’t have a clue. That is why I Googled it and this what I found.

“The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and he acts as the leader of the faithful under Jesus Who is the Head of the Catholic church. The Pope is the highest-ranking ordained member in the Catholic Church. His responsibilities include overseeing all decisions made by the Catholic Church, protecting the deposit of faith and seeking that the Church’s mission on earth is being conducted. He alone may engage the special charism of the papal office by invoking infallibility on matters of religious doctrine that need final declaration, but this is rarely done. That is not to say he can wantonly change the views and meanings in Catholicism, before he makes such a decision he will spend much time praying on the matter and consulting others.”

WTF??? So basically he just sits around on his arse all day making decisions that is a load of crap for a bunch of people who believe that hundreds of years ago, some guy got crucified and then managed to move a massive boulder after he had died, and came back to life? Are these people for real?

And as for the walk on water bollocks and turning water into wine, if he could really do all the things he said he could, surely he would still be alive today? I mean, after all he did resurrect from the dead once before didn’t he? So why couldn’t he have done it again?

And how do Catholics actually know the stuff in the bible actually happened? I mean take the Virgin Mary. She claimed that an angel told her that she was pregnant. Now if someone came up with that these days they would get sectioned in a insane asylum or be accused of having an affair.  And her name the Virgin Mary there was nothing Virgin about her if she was up the spout was there? The only thing Virgin about her was verging on the ridiculous. There is only one way to get pregnant and if her husband believed that an angel told her he was either in on it or he was really stupid!

There are so many problems caused by religion! Most war’s are caused by religion just to prove who is the strongest and I personally think it is for nothing. We have troops dying everyday over a war that could easily be ended if the whole world just admitted that there is no such thing as religion. The other way to end it would be to get our troops out and drop a nuclear bomb on the middle east, but I somehow don’t think that anyone has the guts to come up with it.

Nope. I will always think that people are wasting their time on religion. And I know people might banish me to the darkest pits of hell, but hell sounds a lot more fun than heaven. I mean people get on about bondage, orgies and other devilish acts that happen in hell but I would rather have that than having to behave myself and turn celibate.

Keep Calm and Rock On!


NOTE: This blog post was not intended to offend. Its just my personal opinion.



3 comments on “Religion

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