The youth of today

In June this year two 15 year old boys were arrested on the suspicion of the murder of a 56 year old homeless man. They claimed they had no intention of killing the man. But they still must have had the intention of beating the man?
They have been sentenced to four years in a young offenders institute.

4 years?! That is nothing! They are murderers so surely they should get life? I mean fine seen as they are under the age of 21 they should be in a young offenders until they are 21 years old then be moved to prison and serve life imprisonment.

What’s to say that when they get out in 4 years time that they won’t re-offend? Commit another serious offence?

Are they not a danger to society? And will they then not be a danger to society when they are released?

This has really made me think. A man I know got 18 months imprisonment for fraud, he fiddled his tax forms and then I hear this case and it makes me really annoyed! Is the legal system completely screwed up? Or does that jury need their heads banging together?

I am livid. In fact I am that livid I am going to have a glass of wine to calm me down.




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