15 years later…

A rapist has finally been sentenced to 8 years imprisonment 15 years after the crimes were committed.

Peter White raped a 10 year old girl in his neighbourhood, in Consett, County Durham, in the 1990’s. The victim, now aged 25, informed the authorities about the rape earlier this year.

Two men in their 20’s also came forward to say that White had befriended them and had also indecently assaulted them when they were 12 and 13.

Peter White appeared before Durham Crown Court for sentencing on the 2nd of February 2011 and admitted to one offence of rape and three offences of indecent assault, of which two were against the same boy, which were admitted at an earlier hearing.

Whites representation said his client had made “sterling efforts” to address his behaviour when he realised he was attracted to young children, had not committed any offences for more than 10 years, and now accepts his behaviour was “disgusting”.

Judge Christopher Prince had said that the offences had left the victims “traumatized” and sentenced him to 8 years imprisonment and 12 months for each charge of indecent assault, to run concurrently.
He also barred White from working with children and ordered he be placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely.

I cannot believe that he only got 8-11 years for these offences. Any person who rapes or indecently assaults a child should be sentenced to life, in my opinion. And I am sure many others will agree.

I know that Judges and Juries aren’t allowed to let biased opinions overrule their decisions in sentencing and finding a person guilty, but surely they can see that 8-11 years imprisonment is not long enough. Especially compared to the years of trauma the victims already have gone through and the trauma they will continue to have in years to come.

Once again this comes back to my point about the justice system being too soft of offenders. Bring back executions is what I say!


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