Government organisations really make me sick!

13 month- old, Alex Sutherland was charred to death in November 2009, due to his mother neglecting him.
Social Services were involved but did not do anything about the neglect leading up to baby Alex’s death. Alex’s mother admitted to the neglect and was jailed in April 2010 for 27 months.

It was reported on the Sky News website that Alex was the victim of “multiple failures! by the agencies responsible for his protection and that his death was also “predictable and preventable”.

The director of Children’s Services for Manchester City Council said: “The death of this little boy was a tragedy and I would like once again to offer my condolences.The report finds that there were multi-agency failings in respect of the care and support provided to the family. Children’s Services accept its part in this and have adopted the recommendations.It is clear there were areas where we could have done better.It was very difficult to work with the family as his mother kept from us and other agencies the extent of her drinking problem. That meant we couldn’t offer her the support she needed to be an effective parent.
“We have carried out an extensive programme of work with staff since this little boy died to ensure that staff fully understand the lessons that need to be taken on board from this tragedy”.

So is anyone going to be sacked due to their gross negligence and failure of doing their job? Or is anyone going to get an arse kicking for being so incompetent? Are they hell. It has happened time and time again. I mean how many children have died due to the lack of support from Social Services?

And the part which was stated that his mother had not notified them of the extent of her drink problem, well that is just bollocks. Surely these people should be trained to notice these kind of things, I mean it is easy to notice the signs of an alcoholic so why didn’t they do something sooner?

Alex Sutherland’s mother admitted to neglecting her child and she got sentenced to 27 months imprisonment so how the hell did the people from Social Services, who were dealing with Alex, not get a sentence? I mean surely they would be liable for manslaughter by gross negligence? They failed at their job, for gods sake, and no one apart from Alex’s mother is being punished.

I am not defending his mother’s actions, neglecting a child is worst thing in the world, but at least she has admitted to her actions and is now paying the price for them. I know 27 months imprisonment is not a long sentence for this kind of crime and a lot of people would agree that she deserved longer, but she has to live with the fact that she caused the death of her son through negligence and that is a far worse sentence than prison.

But what about the people from Social Services who failed to comply their duty of care to Alex? Surely they should also be tried and sentenced? I mean at the end of the day they are also responsible for the death of Alex, shouldn’t they be sentenced to the same time in prison as his mother? If not longer?

This really makes my blood boil. There are constant failures within Social Services and other Government ran organisations and no one ever seems to be in the wrong. I don’t know how Heads of Departments can make excuses for the failure to save a child’s life, if it was me, I would be naming and shaming the people who were responsible for Alex and his mother and I would also make sure that they never worked again. I have no idea how these people sleep at night, knowing that if they had done their jobs correctly they could have saved a baby.

I couldn’t live with myself if I had a duty of care to uphold and due to my negligence a child died. I know I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night or look at myself in the mirror. So how can these people do it?


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