Social networks and world domination.

Everyone is on social networking sites these days. Ok, I admit it I am also on them but it seems like they have completely taken over the world. And it means that people are talking less face-to-face or over the phone. Which is kinda sad.

First there was “call me”, then there was “text me” now there is bloody “Facebook me” or “add me on twitter”. What the hell is going on?

And people seem to meet up less thanks to Facebook chat. Why go out and spend a fortune when you can sit infront of Facebook, with a few beers and chatting to your friends online?

Call me old fashioned but I would rather go out and socialise. Talking on Facebook just bores me and I soon get sick of looking at the dull layout. The blue and white thing really doesn’t do it for me.
At least on Twitter and Myspace you can design your own background, make it more unique and different from everyone else’s pages.

But I have to say, with all the flaws of Facebook, it does have a major advantage over Twitter and Myspace and that is the security. Twitter hardly has security settings meaning random people, psychos and murderers can “follow” you. And as for Myspace, well up until recently there were no security settings but the ones they have now are still nothing special. And yes, you do still get perverts and other weirdo’s emailing and requesting you.

The names people use on these social sites crack me up the most. Like, for example, I had a friend request on Myspace from Jesus. Yep, someone had actually named themselves Jesus on Myspace. And the weirder part is that the person comes from Portsmouth. (o_0) WTF?

Nope I will always fail to understand what goes through people’s minds when they are creating their user and account names.


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