Road rage and a rant about driving.

I was on my way back home this morning and I was stuck behind a blue/black Zafira. I swear to god they must have indicators as optional extras! The driver decided to slam their breaks on and then turned into the junction without any warning. WTF? Did they steal their license?

And what is it when I am driving? You can guarantee that I will always get stuck behind some slow ass driver. Every single time! And it always seems to happen when I am in a hurry to get somewhere. What goes through these peoples minds? “Oh look here comes a girl in a Punto. She looks like she is in a hurry. Let’s just take the piss and slow down”. Grrr

Now I know you must be thinking “OMG she has a Punto! Is she insane?” But I love my Punto, aka Lil Blu, it’s my pride and joy and yes I will admit that it has had it’s problems but what proud car owner hasn’t had problems? Even brand new cars can go wrong.

Another thing that has got me riled at the moment is the petrol prices. Seriously what is going on? I live 30 miles away from Newcastle and just to get to the Metro Centre and back costs me just over £10. It’s mad! Luckily my Punto is only a 1.2 because if I had anything bigger I would be ripping the engine out and replacing it with hamsters in wheels, to power the bloody thing. But I don’t think hampster power will ever take off, due to the animal cruelty thing. But surely they had to get the word horsepower from somewhere?

But then again animal power might be a better way to travel considering the amount of pot holes there are on the roads. Yes, I can just picture myself arriving at work on a horse. And why not? It would be cheaper than paying the petrol prices and it would also cut down on CO2 emissions, which everyone seems do hyped up about. And it has to be less expensive buying horseshoes than replacing springs and tyres on your car, which you have damaged on one of the pot holes, which the council can’t be bothered to fill in.

Staying on the subject about pot holes. There are some right monsters around where I live. They are more live meteor holes than pot holes. They are that big! If the cemeteries get full they can just bury the bodies in some of the pot holes around Alnwick! It’s a good thing I don’t own a Smart Car or it would be completely stuck.

And with pot holes you also get idiot drivers, who would rather come right across onto your side of the road, and also nearly crash into you, just to avoid driving over a pot hole. Where is the sense in that?

I could never live without my car but driving is so frustrating at times. Especially in bad weather. You can guarantee that when it is snowing, you will get some asshole in a 4×4 taking the piss by belting around. Its as if they are saying “oh look at me, I have a jeep, therefore I won’t skid.” Bollocks! It just means that you are a tosser and when I pass you in about 10 minutes time, you will be in a hedge and I will point and laugh!

Seriously is there any full need? Why bother tearing around acting the hard nut? But on the other hand there is really no need to take the piss and go so slow that a cyclist, with road rage, is likely to pass you?


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