Back in the day.

The lil JennAllaI found some old photos while I was clearing out some of the unpacked boxes we have… Yes we have lived in this house 3 years and we STILL have unpacked boxes under the stairs.

I found my first ever school picture as well. Ah I am such a poser! Lol. But how cute does a mini JennAlla look with blonde hair! I look so innocent and like butter wouldn’t melt don’t I? Jeez I wonder what the hell happened as there is no way I am still like that!

Isn’t it weird how pictures bring back so many memories though? I can still remember my first school. I can remember what the nursery was like and the class rooms. I can remember the assembly hall where out headmistress used to play the piano and all the children would sing along.

Things seem so simple when you are 6 years old and the only thing you have to worry about is where you misplaced your favorite teddy bear. I loved being little. There was nothing to hurt you and you had none of the complications of relationships or financial stresses.

I still have my favorite two teddies, Scruffy and Elmo, and they sleep under my pillow. I will never get rid of them and they are the first things I hug when I am ill. But then again I am a huge softy when it comes to teddy bears. I cannot part with any of the ones I have.

I suppose we all have our inner child have influences in our lives. But it would be dull if everyone was too  mature and took like seriously all the time wouldn’t it? It’s good to be immature at times and just to let your hair down and have a laugh at something completely stupid.

Like when I was at college, me and my best friend used to sing Can’t Touch This in our practical lessons of administration. It really used to annoy the hell out of our tutor at the time. It was so funny.

And I was also listening to some really old songs which I found. Where Do You Go by No Mercy is just the ultimate song ever! Why don’t they make songs like that anymore?

Nowt like a bit of old skool tunes to get you in a good mood!



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