Our country is officially f**ked.

This is how bad the UK is getting.

I was reading an article about a 17-year-old who had stabbed three teenages, leaving one of them being on a life support machine after he was stabbed three times.

The scum bag who committed the stabbings could not be named due to him being under 18 was told he must pay £300 compensation. The teenager who was on the life support machine will get £200 of the compensation.

The offender admitted to GBH and and got a 12 month youth referral order by Cambridge JP’s.

£300 is nothing! He stabbed three people. It should have been looked at as attempted murder!

As for the guy who was on life support, I think that £200 compensation is nothing compared to the pain he will be going through, not to mention the agony it has caused his family and the other victims.

And what is all this crap about not naming him? He should be named. He should be made to go through what he put his victims through. Not just get a slap on the wrist and get told not to do it again.

What the hell is going on with this country?

Another article that got me riled was the case of the two boys that got caught playing football with a hedgehog on a school field. They were fined £300 each by Barnsley JP’s.

Cruel little bastards! I would have strung them up and fined them way more than £300. What right did they have to hurt a defenceless animal? They should be made to go through the pain that the hedgehog had.

I also read about a cyclist who was involved in a car crash, which left him with 20 broken bones, a fractured skull and in an induced coma for 8 days. He was allowed home after 5 weeks in hospital.

He then received a letter from the council saying that he had to pay a £240 road cleaning bill due to the accident as the council thought it was unfair for the tax payers to pay the bill.

How crap is that? I mean the poor guy admitted that the accident was his fault but surely he has already paid for that with him being in hospital for 5 weeks. He shouldn’t have had to pay the £240 for the council to do what they get bloody paid for. Useless bastards.

I have always said that councils are crap and yet again they are another Government Public Sector organisation which just keeps screwing up.

And what is this bollocks idea of letting prisoners having the right to vote? They are offenders, they have committed an offence which was serious enough for them to be sentenced to imprisonment, so why the hell should they have the right to do anything?

I am literally in shock at how crap this country has turned out! What needs to happen is for the Government to stop messing about with bloody education, benefits, and completely useless schemes which are a waste of time and money, and concentrate on the justice system. Bring back hanging and executions.

The Government are complaining about the prisons being too full. Simple answer to that really. If anyone commits a indictable offence, such as murder,rape etc, they should just be shot so they cannot commit any other offences. Anyone who commits a summary or triable either way offence would get sentenced to prison and if they offended again then they would get shot.

Doesn’t that keep the crime rate down and solve the Government issues regarding offenders and prisons?

But nothing will get done and the country will just end up in an even bigger mess than it is already in. If that is even possible.






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