Even more Judicial madness.

After unelected judges ruled that paedophiles and rapists should be able to appeal against being held on the Sex Offenders Register as it infringes their Human Rights.

WHAT?! Paedophiles and rapists should NOT have Human Rights. What about their victims? Should they not have THE RIGHT to see the scum bags punished? And what about the children molested by paedophiles? Do they not have the RIGHT to live without having a sick, pervert mess with their life?

Why the hell should criminals have Human Rights? They surely gave up their rights when the committed the offence?

I have read the Human Rights Act 1998 as part of my Law studies and, apart from it being completely mind numbing and complex, I fail to see where it says that offenders will still have the Human Rights they were born with.

Now maybe it is just me, but I personally don’t think that offenders should have Human Rights. A murderer, for example, has taken someone’s life therefore s/he should not be entitled to his Human Rights. Same with rapists and paedophiles why should they have the say of them being on the Sex Offenders Register? End of the day of they cannot suffer the consequences then they shouldn’t have committed the crime. Simple!

The Justice System has turned completely mad!




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