I can’t sleep so I am flicking through the TV channels and there is a program on about the prophet who predicted the world will end on the 21 of December 2012.

This is pure bollocks! The world was suppose to end when ot reached the millenium but it didn’t. Just because the phrophets calendar ended on that date doesn’t mean its the end of the world.

The prophet could have become pissed off with writing all those dates, he could have died, he could have even got laid and discovered sex was better than predicting things that was decades away.

But this is like every other conspiracy. No one will ever know the truth. Just like Area 51, how many people actually believe that they have alien spacecrafts there? I am kind of stumped when it comes to this, as surely we cannot be the only planet in the solar system with life on it, but I won’t believe that there is other life forms out there until I see evidence. And I don’t mean I have to see a little green man standing in my car park, but if scientists can prove it then I will believe it.

It is the same with my beliefs about God. If there was a God then why would there be so much hatered and distruction in the world? Why would there be the war in Afghan?

And how do people know God is real? He is suppose to be the amazing thing that sees all etc, but how do we know?

Take Adam and Eve, for example, how do people know they were the first humans on earth? It wasn’t as if there was any pictures of them, so how do we know? And am I suppose to believe that they populated the world? That would involve one hell of a lot of incest. Gross.

Also they had an apple tree and nothing else? And Eve ate the apple blah blah blah. How did they know it was an apple? It might have beem a bloody bomb for all they knew. Stupid!

The more you read into the stories in the bible etc the more funny they become. Like Noah and the ark. How the hell did he build that? He must have used a hell of a lot of wood for a start and how did he fit the planks together? I am pretty sure they wouldn’t have had hammers, nails and extra strong super glue in those days. And how did he know what an ark was? It wasnt as if there was a bloody boat yard around for him to get ideas was there?

All of these stories are started by someone, and it is like Chinese wispers after that. It snowballs and soon everyone knows a little part of it. But I don’t think they ask theirselves how much of the story is true.

Life is a mysterious thing and no one can predict the future or decode the past perfectly as there will always be vital bits of information missing.

But until they find the truth about God, other life forms and lots of other conspiracies, we will be left to do the guess work.



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