17 kids+£600 a week= a sheer piss take!

I was reading a news story online about a mum who has had SEVENTEEN children to SIX different men. She lives rent-free with seven of her kids in a three-bed terraced council home worth £135,000.  And she also picks up £100 a week in child benefit and hundreds more in income support, child tax credits and housing benefit – on top of monthly pay-outs from one of her three ex-husbands.

Her ex was reported to have said “If she’s not Britain’s worst mum, she must be a close second.She’s hardly done a day’s work in her life and has claimed benefits as long as I can remember.

The article also states that she had said “I never thought I’d have so many kids. I didn’t want abortions. It was my choice to fall pregnant, some friends are unlucky enough that they only get the one“.

According to one of her children, she owned two seven-seater cars and all the children’s clothes were hand-me-downs.  She doesn’t want to work and has quoted that.

She told The Sun newspaper; “I will go to work when my children are old enough but at the moment it will cost the state more to put them in child care while I go to work.”

Now this got me thinking, there are people out there who have children, who still go to work and who struggle on with the incomes they have. Some people don’t even qualify for the benefits never mind get ALL of them just for having children.

I am not saying that it is wrong to have more than one child but SEVENTEEN? Come on! It is blatantly obvious that she only had the children so she could claim more and more benefits instead of working, like any other decent parent. What kind of influence is that going to set for her children? Are they also going to turn into pure scum like their mother and just have children so they don’t need to work?

The part about she didn’t want to have abortions is a complete joke! I mean I don’t agree with abortions but I make sure that I am using protection, whether it being the pill or condoms. Why couldn’t she have done that? Yes fine there is a small risk (like a 5% chance) of the condom splitting and a woman becoming pregnant that way but she can’t say that happened ALL the times she fell pregnant!

And surely the Government have the power to stop her getting so much money? I mean surely there should be a scheme in place which only allows parents to claim child benefit for their first 2 children? That way the country wouldn’t be so shafted with people claiming benefits.

Either that or they should make it a Law that if anyone has more than 4 children, and are not prepared to work to support their family, they should get a sentenced to working in ANY job they are capable to do and have an operation so they cannot have any more children. This will, of course, apply to some men as well, as there are a large amount of men who have children to different women and who also abuse the benefit system.

Getting back to the woman with the 17 children… She gets approx £600 per week, so that is £2,400 per calendar month and that then works out at £31,200 per year.  That is more than what some top jobs are worth.

I bet things would soon change if everyone decided to say “screw it let’s pop out  children, because we will get more in benefits than what we would if we were working”.

What is it going to take before something is done with the benefit and justice systems in this Country?




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