A realisation and a change of heart

Imagine standing in the Crown Court, defending a paedophile. Imagine trying to convince a jury that there was no crime committed, even if you have a slight doubt that it did. Imagine the defendant being found not guilty and walking free to get on with their life…
Now imagine a year later. You see in the newspaper that the person you had defended one year ago has been convicted of the same crime he had been accused of when you defended him. Could you live with yourself?
I couldn’t. I couldn’t live with the fact that I had helped him get off his conviction, just for him to go and do the same thing to another innocent child. Ruin another child’s life.

So how do defence lawyers sleep at night?

I mean it must have some sort of impact mustn’t it? I suppose I have too much of a conscience to just forget about it. And I know that I am too suspicious of people who get accused of that sort of thing anyway. Surely they must have done something along those lines to get accused mustn’t they? People don’t just get accused for nothing.

We had this discussion in my law class on Monday night and I wasn’t the only one who said no way to defending a paedophile.

The other discussion we were having was about the Samaritan Law that France has. The UK are very lucky not to have this. Can you imagine having to help someone by law? I am not a cruel person and yes if I saw someone injured in the street I suppose I would help them. But of course it would depend on how injured they were. There would, however, be part of me that wouldn’t want to help, as why should I disrupt my day because a stranger has had an accident? Are there not other people in the street that could help?
But how many of the great British public would help? Especially if it involved talking to the police about what they had saw. Because when it comes to it people love to be nosey but they hate having to contribute towards a crime.

I was starting to reconsider my desired area of law but I have decided that I want to stick with my original plan… Reproductive Technology Law and work for the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority dealing with IVF contracts and other legal issues clients would face.

😀 Looks like my ambitions haven’t totally caved in!


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