Things that have boiled my goat!

I was reading an article online about the Gold Cup in Cheltenham and there have been so many people complaining about Katie Price being in the Royal Box.

Now, personally, I don’t give a damn, she paid to be there so why does everyone have such a problem with it? It isn’t as if she has used other peoples money to be there.

I hate those people who slate her, they need something better to do with their lives. She is entitled to have a life of her own, and why shouldn’t she do all things non-celebrities do? She was at the races, big deal. I could have paid £50 to get into the place, would people have slated me for it?

No, people wouldn’t have said Jack about me being there. But because it is Katie Price everyone jumps on the hate wagon. And it is all because people are jealous of her. Simple as that. She has worked for everything she has. So why do people have to slate her? Get a life and take a good hard look at yourself before you judge others!

The other thing I am sick of hearing about is the Wills & Kate wedding. What is so special about their wedding? And why the hell is it being made a bank holiday? It isn’t as if the whole country is invited is it? So why the hell do people need an extra day off for it? So they can sit in front of Sky News and watch the wedding… Live? I cannot think of anything worse!

And the really sad thing is that shops are selling Royal Wedding packs with t-shirts, mugs and a lot of other useless crap included. Who in their right mind is going to pay £20 for that? I would rather buy 6 bottles of wine at ASDA, better use of £20.

Everywhere you look it’s Royal wedding this and Royal wedding that. WHO CARES?!? We have other, more important, issues going on in the country. I mean surely it is more important that we help the people in Japan and Libya? We still have troops dying in Afghan too, and all people can think of is this Royal wedding? Jesus people! Talk about prioritising!

Can’t the Royal Family send the money they will spend on the wedding over to Japan to help with trying to clear the damage and help people start to rebuild their lives? Or use the money to get our troops out of Afghan or even get the children out of Libya. There is so much more that could be done instead of spending millions on one day which isn’t going to change anyone’s lives apart from the people who are going to say the vows.

I would just like to say that I have not said that because I am anti-marriage, I have said it because if people actually sat down and thought about it they would see the logic behind what our country could do to help the people who are in need.

The Royal couple might be helping charities around the country with the requests of people sending donations to charities instead of giving wedding gifts but there is still more money being spent on the actual day than what the charities will be receiving.


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