Royal wedding? More like Royal joke.

With the Royal Wedding quickly approaching and with it also being mentioned on every news channel and in every newspaper and magazine, it is hard not to notice that it is going to cause more trouble for the countries economic downfall.

The wedding will be taking place on April the 29th but David Cameron confirmed that this would be an extra bank holiday.

It also means businesses will only be open for three days between April 22 and May 2, because Easter is the weekend before the wedding, and the May Day bank holiday is the following Monday.

So how much is the Royal wedding actually costing the country?

Well, Sky News quoted in an online article that security alone is estimated to range from £2m to £80m. But the exact cost of the wedding all together is unknown.

There have been claims that with the amount of attention the wedding will gain, Britain is likely to have an income of £900 million, with all of the merchandise and tourists who will visit during the bank holiday. However, there have also been claims stating that Britain will lose £5 billion due to lost working time.

And seen as it is us who will be paying for this  wedding what are we going to get back in return? A few bloody street parties and a chance to see the Royal wedding Live on TV? You have to be kidding me! I think they should send each household, who contributed towards it, a hand written thank you card and bring in a scheme exempting people from paying tax for a year. Failing that the least they could do is send everyone a piece of wedding cake. *urgh I hate wedding cake*.

And have you seen the amount of Royal wedding merchandise there is available? It literally ranges from flags to t-shirts, and now Alcatel have launched the Royal wedding mobile phone. There are even Royal wedding condoms and Royal wedding sick bags! What’s the world coming to?

How sane are the people who are coming up with these ideas? Who in their right mind is going to buy Royal wedding condoms or sick bags? I wouldn’t even purchase the flag, t-shirt or mugs never mind condoms! No bloke would want to slip on a Royal wedding condom before doing the deed would they? Talk about off putting. And sick bags! WTF?

The whole country has gone Wills and Kate mad! All of this fuss for one day? 11 days of businesses losing trade and another bank holiday weekend. Bank holidays are a waste of time anyway, the only people who benefit from bank holidays are pub landlords, breweries and taxi drivers.

Personally I have nothing against the taxi drivers making the best out of the wedding situation, as they will have drunks to deal with. I know people who are drivers as well as someone who owns a taxi firm and with the amount of street parties and events in pubs there will be even more drunks likely to be sick, they are all going to deserve medals!

But the pub landlords and breweries will be raking it in for supplying people with an unlimited amount of booze that will just be brought back up as soon as the drinker has reached their limit.

And, of course, with the amount of alcohol that will be consumed over the wedding weekend there will also be a lot more drunken offences for local police to attend to.

Does anyone else think that this wedding will only cause the country more problems? I mean people are obviously going to see it as an opportunity to get that intoxicated they will either end up in hospital or not having a clue what their names are.

Hope Wills and Kate’s big day is worth all of the hassle it is going to cause the great British  public.




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