The expenses of university

I am going to Northumbria Uni in September to study Law LLB (Hons). I have already got my acceptance and my start date and today I got the course price… £3290 for part time study, which consists of 2 nights a week for 4-6 years. And seen as it is part time I get no student support with fees.
So after I picked myself up off the floor, I worked it all out, to be able to afford the fees I would need to take out a loan or sell myself on street corners, which wouldn’t go along side a law degree would it?

If I take out a loan, once the course is finished, I will owe £19,740 back to wherever I get it from. Good start to a Law career, being in just under £20k’s worth of debt. And even after the £20k I would need to pay for my LPC which can cost upto £10k depending where you do that. So by the time I qualify as a solicitor I am going to be in £30k’s worth of debt.
Not a good start! And the pay back when you earn over £21k doesn’t apply for part time students. So I would officially be screwed…
But I haven’t given up the idea of being a Solicitor. I have decided to study my degree through the OU. I have already sat my first year of it and passed with flying colours so I just need to continue where I left off. It is going to be cheaper and I will also get support with my fees making me debt free when I qualify. 🙂 Might take a little longer than 4 years but it will be worth it. And I will also be working on my self motivation as I won’t have weekly lectures to go to.
It makes me wonder why the hell people bother going to Uni at all to be honest as most of them just go to mess about and do degrees they will never get a job in, like history of the arts or something completely pointless like that. I mean don’t get me wrong it is great that people have an interest in that but  is it seriously worth a degree? Should the Uni funding not go on the courses that are going to get people the qualifications they need to contribute towards society? Like Law for example?
And also another thing that has boiled me is that I know for a fact if I was of ethnic minority I would get full support, on both full time and part time courses. So much for the equal opportunities.
But now I must finish my coursework for the law course I am studying at the moment. And I must say I am rather enjoying studying Criminal Law, even if I wouldn’t practice it once qualified.


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