If Jennalla was in Power…

I have always had such an interest in the law and politics. And I love how each new elected Government try to amend Acts that aren’t working… The new ones don’t work anyway so why bother?

With the economical crisis in the UK at the moment you would think the Government would want to change things a bit. There are cuts being made in all departments and with the increase on petrol, national insurance and other house hold bills, people cannot afford to live. Employment is on the increase again and with more and more people out of work and less money for the people who deserve the help they need, the country is in the worst state ever.

So what can be done about it?

Well here is what I would do:

I would completely change the criminal justice system… offenders of serious crimes (murder, paedophilia, manslaughter, rape) wouldn’t even be worthy of a trial, they would just be shot straight away.

Burglary, theft and fraud offenders would get a sentence of 12 months imprisonment and a second chance, if the re-offended they would get shot.

Driving offenders would have their licenses removed straight away and not be allowed another chance.

People who committed animal cruelty would have the same punishment impose onto them as they had imposed on the animal. If they re-offended in the same offence they would be skinned alive and rolled in salt. People who hurt defenceless animals deserve to suffer, in my opinion.

School bullies would be tied to trees and their victims would be allowed to inflict whatever pain they thought necessary. No one deserves to have their life turned into a living nightmare because of some pathetic nobodies who think they are ‘hard’. Scum.

The benefit system would be completely renewed and child maintenance would only be paid for the first two children in a family and also only paid until the child is 10. Any other payments would be stopped and parents would be made to go into any employment when the child is 5 to help contribute towards the child’s upbringing. That way the country would have less people scrounging and having kids just to live off benefits so they don’t have to work.

People claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance would only be able to claim if they had undergone at least 6 months training to help towards employment. Also, claimants would have to earn their Jobseeker’s Allowance by working voluntary until paid employment was found.

I also think that the corporal punishment law has gotten out of hand a little. Years ago, if a child misbehaved they would get a slap across the arse and that taught them not to misbehave. Nowadays parents aren’t able to discipline their children the way they were disciplined because of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. “The Committee defines ‘corporal’ or ‘physical’ punishment as any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light. Most involves hitting (‘smacking’, ‘slapping’, ‘spanking’) children, with the hand or with an implement – whip, stick, belt, shoe, wooden spoon, etc. But it can also involve, for example, kicking, shaking or throwing children, scratching, pinching, burning, scalding or forced ingestion (for example, washing children’s mouths out with soap or forcing them to swallow hot spices). In the view of the Committee, corporal punishment is invariably degrading. In addition, there are other non-physical forms of punishment which are also cruel and degrading and thus incompatible with the Convention. These include, for example, punishment which belittles, humiliated, denigrates, scapegoats, threatens, scares or ridicules the child.” This can be found in paragraph 11 of the General Comment.

I do not agree with child abuse but since when did giving your child a smacked bottom become abuse? If the child is misbehaving and has already been told not to continue but decided to regardless of what the parent has said then, yes, they warrant a smacked bottom, just so they learn not to continue the act or perform the act again. That to me is not child abuse. That is discipline and plenty of other will agree I am sure.

The latest talk about allowing prisoners the right to vote annoys me too. They gave up their rights when they went to prison. I personally do not think for one second that offenders should be granted certain privileges, and I certainly do not think it is fair that the prison staff must call an offender Sir or Madam just because it may infringe their Human Rights if they are called anything else.

I would also increase the driving age to 21 for women and 25 for men and also make it compulsory to have at least 18 months worth of driving lessons before any tests are taken. That way it may drive down the number of accidents caused by young people and would also keep insurance premiums down for the sensible drivers. And people will have their licenses taken off them at the age of 65, basically because people older than that are a danger on the roads and take the piss by driving 15 mph… On the A1!

I think that is all for now. But I am sure I will think of more laws I would change. Stay tuned for If Jennalla was in power part II.


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