Inspirations of IVF

Tonight’s Law & Order UK was so sad! I was nearly in tears near the end. Especially when the assistant broke down and admitted that she was the one who had caused the baby’s death.
I felt for her when she had admitted to the seven failed IVF treatments, then watched her ex-husband fall in love with someone else and ended up having a child with the other woman. I have studied Reproductive Technology Law in a previous course and have had to read about cases where the treatment has either been unsuccessful or where there have been major complications. Obviously the cases I was studying were from a legal point of view to sue for damages, but it is still really upsetting to read about them.
I know Law & Order is fictitious, but it does happen. More than people know. IVF isn’t guaranteed and it is expensive. And what if IVF treatment is your only option of having a child? For exmaple, you lose your partner, like in the Diane Blood case. Well that is simple. You fight for your rights to have a child even if it involves sperm donation. Everyone has the right to be a parent. This, of course, got me thinking of the Diane Blood case.
The case of Diane Blood:- Diane Blood was married to Stephen Blood who contracted meningitis and died after falling into a coma, before they could naturally conceive. Diane Blood had arranged her her husbands sperm to be extracted from him via electronic ejaculation, before his death and then used the sperm to get pregnant, however, this was banned under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act. Diane Blood took her case through all the courts and finally won the right to use her husbands sperm and she eventually had a children, who were legally recognised as Stephen Bloods biological children. Because of Diane Blood the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 was changed. And it made Joanne Tarbuck able to have her dead husbands son 5 years ago.
The Diane Blood case and a few others were the reason I wanted to get into Reproductive Technology Law. I thought it was amazing how Diane Blood fought for what she truly believed in and won her case. It is a lesson to us all not to give up and that whatever we want is achievable if we are willing to put in the hard work and effort to get it.
Diane Blood is a pure inspiration to everyone who knows her case and she is the reason so many women never give up on their hopes, dreams and human rights.


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