Berwick Upon Facebook.

There has been something on Facebook this week which has really pissed me off. And that is the poll; Is Berwick in England or Scotland?

With the amount of current affairs going on around the world and within the UK, the last thing anyone would want to make a poll about is whether Berwick is considered to be English or Scottish. Who cares?

There are so many more important topics that people need to bring up on Facebook in polls, such as should we be brought out of the EU? Should people from other EU countries get priority over British citizens? and Who wants Justin Beiber to be  made illegal in the UK?

There are so much more people could talk about than a place that has been considered as part of England since 1482. And of course people are going to take part in the poll. It’s on Facebook, if it was on another site people wouldn’t give a damn but because it is on Facebook everybody seems to want to vote. Why?

Facebook is just another way to a) piss people off and b) to see what all the people you know are doing with their lives. That’s it! It has no other purpose apart from making people communicate less socially, why go out to a pub when you can sit in on Facebook and chat to your mates? Well because going out gives you a bit of a life instead of being a anti-social nut job.

I know if I don’t go out for at least a week, people will send a search party out. And if I said to them “well I decided staying in updating my Facebook was more thrilling.” I would be dragged around the back of the pub and shot.

So why is Facebook taking over the world? I have visions that by 2030 everyone will be obese and pubs/ local businesses will be shut down as everyone will shop online, work from home and communicate via Facebook. That is a very sad existance indeed.

And Berwick is part of England… But maybe if it is going to cause that much confusion on FACEBOOK maybe we should make a treaty and have Berwick as it’s own freaking country within the UK? How does that sound? Then maybe we could call it Berwick Upon Facebook?

Of course I am totally joking about the name change. There would be a war over who would want to live there if that was the case, seen as Facebook takes over so many peoples lives these days.


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