Man v Wife:- Problem with women is men?

I found the facebook page for Charles J Orlando’s The Problem With Women… Is Men.

And as I read through the posts by the other women who have joined the page, I realised that there are hardly any women who are double-minded like I am.

I mean there was a comment about why married men cheat, and half of the women on that thread blame the man or the ‘other woman’. Now I am going to completely go against the rules here and I am going to blame the wife. Call me a bitch if you want but think about this first before you judge. If the wife is being a complete pain in the ass and is making her husbands life a sheer nightmare, of course he is going to get the attention somewhere else. That is just common sense. It takes two to make a relationship work and if he is the one doing all the trying then he will eventually say “fuck this” and go to find someone who appreciates him a little better.

“A relationship is made up of two people, and those people have their own wants and needs—both inside and outside of the relationship. It’s critical that keep their own interests and wants top-of-mind. Compromise might be good in a relationship, but not when you compromise who you are and/or what you really want out of your life.” This was posted on the wall of Charles J Orlando, author of The Problem With Women… Is Men, and he is right.

People need space in a relationship just to do what they want. It is natural to want that. So I don’t understand the women who, as soon as they get a ring on their finger, turn into this battle-axe, control freaks and want to constantly know what their husband is doing. Why the hell is it so important? Don’t they have anything better to do than harass their husband about who he is talking to, where he is going or who he is going for a drink with and what time will he be back. Men hate all that crap.

And is there such a thing as a happily married man? I still need to meet this guy and ask him what is so great about being married and why he cannot live without his wife. Before you say “well he has met the one” he hasn’t. He has met the one at the time. You don’t know if you have met the one when you are standing there signing your life away, how can you have met the one? Unless you have dated every person in the world you won’t know. You just think you know.

What if you had met the love of your life, but then married someone else? Are you just suppose to let that person pass by? This is the reason for affairs and heartbreaks.

I recently got called a cow off one of my friends due to a comment I made about another friends wedding, which is in September. All I said was “With sympathy or thinking of you at this sad time?” as I was picking out a card to go with her wine glasses, which are now in my glasses cupboard and means I need to buy new ones. They were to good to give away as a funeral, I mean wedding present. But then again the reason I am so against this wedding is due to personal reasons.

But why was I a cow for stating the fact that she was signing her life away? It was a funeral in a way as all of her freedom as a singleton had died. I know as soon as she gets that ring on her finger it will be bye bye single friends and hello married friends club. Sad.

Because people do that all the time don’t they? They always tend to talk to other married people over singletons and it is annoying, am I not the same person I was when she was single? I haven’t changed, the people who are married have changed.
Thinking about it though a marriage certificate should come with handcuffs and a ball and chain. I know married couples and I am more team husband than team wife. I know the wives that are sheer hell to live with, I have friends who nag their husbands from sun rise to sun set. Their husbands have all either had affairs or have left them. I have sat with these women, who have cried their eyes out over a bottle of wine and had all their friends crowded round blaming the man and the other woman he has had an affair with. And I have also been called the heartless bitch for taking the husbands side.

Why do women have a constant obsession with blaming the man in a relationship? It takes two, remember? So how come it is his fault? A guy will have an affair if he isn’t getting the attention at home, he will leave if he needs his own space and he will be called worse than shit for leaving a nagging wife who needs a good slap and told to fucking grow up.

I have a very good friend who left his wife, basically because they were constantly arguing and he had had enough of her putting him down all the time. I also happen to be friends with his wife. So when I took his side and told her that there was no reason for her to belittle him constantly and it was no wonder he left if she was going to insult him all the time, she threw a glass of wine at me and told me to fuck off out of her house. As I left I said “His house you mean” and went to his for a no-wonder-you-left-the-psychotic-bitch chat.

I am now labelled, by his wife, as the cold hearted bitch of the group. Suits me fine, I speak my mind and if they can’t handle that then that is tough.Call me what you want. End of the day, people have done far worse than I have.


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