32 years… Was it long enough?

The two men who shot a 16- year-old in the face has been sentenced to 32 years imprisonment.

Martin Brunt, from Sky News, commented on his blog that ‘She wasn’t the target, but clearly these two thugs didn’t care who they hit.’

Apparently, they were senior figure of the gang named the London Field Boys and had been on their way to look for another gang named the Hoxton Boys, when they shot the girl, who was standing in a pizza shop.

Both men are aged 22. They will be be 54 by the time their sentences are over. However, I personally think this is a disgrace. 32 years is nothing! The young girl they shot had more than 32 years of her life left, she had her whole life to look forward to and they have taken that away from her.

What right did they have to end her life? She wasn’t hurting anyone, she was just standing in a pizza shop.

The comments on Martin Brunts blog all say the same thing; that basically they should have had the same sentence imposed on them as they had imposed on their victim. And I have to agree.

But they will be kept comfy in prison as a death penalty would be breaching their Human Rights. Like they should have any Human Rights after the crime they committed! The only Rights they should have is to say their last words before getting executed.

A prison sentence won’t “reform” them, it will only show them that they can offend again and just how soft the justice system really is.


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