Is power really worth a life?

With all of the death stories about victims who have been stabbed, shot or murdered in other ways, it makes one reaslise just how dangerous the world really is.

If there aren’t people dying because of religion, there are people dying because of race, territory or in some cases no reason at all.

What is it all for? Well, that is simple… Power.

The Libya crisis is all boiled down to power, the war in Afghanistan is down to power and even the Roul Moat and Derek Bird shootings were down to some sort of power.  Power over the police and their victims.

The world has gone power mad! And with the amount of gun and knife crimes here in the UK, it is a wonder that anyone leaves the safety of their own homes. There have been countless reports in newspapers about gangs in London, battling over territory and fighting with each other. Truth is, their “territory” isn’t theirs. It is a free country and what they class as their territory actually isn’t. Who has the right to say where someone should or should not go? Why shouldn’t outsiders be allowed to go onto their “patch”? It’s so pathetic.

“If you don’t get off my patch I will shoot you”. Grow up you aren’t in school now, and this is not Grand Theft Auto. This is reality and you get no where in the real world acting like a complete dick. Anyone can purchase a gun and start waving it around, shooting people. But it takes someone of sane mind to not stoop to such actions. It doesn’t matter how much pressure you are under there is no excuse for killing sprees.

People suffer stress everyday, doesn’t mean they run out the office, buy a gun and take out everyone they work with just because the photocopier has crashed again or if the snotty IT guy has refused to fix your email. They just get on with it. That’s life and shit happens. Deal with it.

I have no sympathy for the people who commit such crimes and I agree when people say, they should have the same imposed on them as they imposed onto their victims. But other people say that can be too harsh and that a prison sentence can also be classed as being to hard on them. If they hadn’t committed the crime they wouldn’t be serving their punishment.

Take it like a man if you are going to commit an offence, end of the day, you will get caught out. Can’t do the time? Don’t commit the crime.

I feel the same way about people who kill for money due to drug deals. Get a proper job, a job which is legal would be a good start. No amount of money is worth a human life, no matter how much it is.


4 comments on “Is power really worth a life?

  1. I agree with your thoughts here and I assuredly love your blog! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future. Your post is very interesting. I’ve read your blog for few days now and I trully enjoy your blog. Thank you for your great work!

    • Hi.
      Thank you so much. I really do appreciate you adding my blog to your bookmarks and I am really glad you are enjoying my posts 🙂
      I hope to publish some more posts very soon. Jen x

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