Society today: EU, Chavs and Human Rights.

I was watching Sky News and there were debates about us being part of the EU.

The European Union want to give the prisoners the vote, as not allowing them their vote is an infringement of their human rights.

They also want to raise car insurance for female drivers to the same price that a male of a similar age would have to pay, due to it being discriminating towards men.

Now is it just me, or does all of this seem a bit backward? Why all of a sudden does it seem like the people who should be punished are getting rewarded and the people who should be getting rewarded are being punished?

And, let’s not forget, the people who have had prison sentences imposed have obviously committed a crime that warrents imprisonment. So surely they have given up their Human Rights when they committed the crime? And what about their victims? Do they not have the Human Rights to see the person who committed the crime punished?

Personally, I don’t think prison “reforms” people the way it is suppose to. Offenders know that once they have served their sentence, they can reoffend and go back to prison for another few months. It will continue in the same pattern until something is done. However, if they go to prison, knowing that if they reoffend after they have served their sentence they will have to suffer a painful death, then they wouldn’t reoffend. It’s as simple as that.

I know people might or might not agree with that but if you really think about it, it’s true. Everyones worst fear is pain and people will do anything to prevent pain being inflicted upon them.

I also think young offenders should get full sentences. There are no excuses for children, between the ages of 10 and 18, to committ crimes. Especially when other lives have been effected.
Take the Jamie Bulger case for example, Venables wants to write a book explaining his side of the story. What side of the story? He abductedd and killed an infant, what more is there to tell? That he didn’t mean it? That his punishment is an infringement on his Human Rights? How it feels to be one of the most hated men in Britain? Well whose fault is that?

He has a new ID to stop people assaulting him. What do Jamie’s family get? False promises about being told every decision regarding Venables. It’s shocking!

It makes me so annoyed to think that someone who could abduct and murder an infant, is allowed to ever mix with the public again. What’s stopping him doing it again? He has already been involved in a child pornography case since the Jamie case, why should he be given chance after chance? He is never going to change so why are we allowing him to play the justice system?

And the EU have really gone to town on the car insurance laws. Insurance for women, aged 17 to 22, will rise to the same that a man, of the same age band, would have to pay. Obviously, I may have a bit of a biased point here, but why should women, who are more careful on the roads and cause less accidents, have to pay the same price as a man who rally’s around like he is in a scene from Fast & The Furious?

Sorry to crush all male fantasies about that film, but guess what… It’s not real! If you had half of the crap they have on their cars it would just weigh it down, hence why in one of the Nos scenes they are only going 110 mph. Yes, I have seen the films… And I was not impressed.

How can anyone find a Nissan Skyline, which looks like it has been assaulted by a chav, impressive? The body kits don’t make them go any faster, and the other crap on there just screw the car up. If induction kits and Borla exhausts were meant to be on cars, manufactuors would already have then fitted.

Sadly, they don’t fit them on 1.2 cars, which boy racers can afford, because they simply aren’t fast enough. So why bother? All they do is make loads of noise. And when people look they don’t think you’re a cool guy, they think you’re a complete tosser in a 1.2 Corsa, trying to be something you’re not.

Halfords should rename its store to Chavfords. Everytime I have been into Halfords there has been a crowd of little, scuzzy chavs standing around the tacky mods aisle, talking in what appears to be Chavlish. I am only assuming this because ‘whoar here man look at that how, am gettin one of them me like’ isn’t really English is it? I mean how much bloody sense does that make? Don’t they know how stupid they sound? And the strut is the best. They sort of walk swaying side to side, flapping their arms at their sides like chickens having a fit, and they think it’s intimidating… Sorry pal but people only avoid you because you look like a homeless looney tune.

No, I think we need to get out of the EU and we also need to make it illegal for chavs to go out in day light hours, wearing addidas bottoms, Nike air trainers or Rockports, baseball caps and Hally Hansen jackets. It just looks so… Uncoordinated and wrong.

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2 comments on “Society today: EU, Chavs and Human Rights.

  1. There should be no discrimination, I agree with that, but does that mean that the laws have to accommodate the crimes and alternate the sentences because someone, somewhere will find it discriminating?

    I also think that once a person has committed a crime then they should automatically lose their Human Rights, they should not be protected by any laws.

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