Hot crossed bunnies and Jennalla boilers.

It has come back to me that some of my posts on here and my other blog have caused somewhat of a stir on Facebook, especially on one page in particular, which I am not going to identify due to the owner of the page apologising and removing the posts.

However, it looks like my views on how men aren’t the only ones to blame if a relationship turns crap and that there are always two people to blame when one person cheats, did not go down well with a bunch of women on Facebook. Talk about touching a nerve!

Basically, the comments they were making against me made them all out to look like a bunch of men haters who have probably done a lot worse themselves and who are just bitter because they got cheated on. End of the day, if you aren’t keeping your partner satisfied they will go else where for the attention, it is as simple as that. Don’t keep men under the thumb, they don’t like it and women hate not having attention. A relationship is all about compromise and if there is one person giving and another doing all the taking then it is clearly not fair.

Why should women be painted as the innocent victims? They are just as likely to cheat as a man is, but when a man does it he is the bastard and when a woman does it then it is still the man’s fault because he made her do it. How the hell does that work?

I will admit that I am more likely to side with men, simply because they are a lot less likely to bitch about the other woman and pin all the blame on the other people and none on themselves. Men know the reasons they cheat and women know the reasons why they cheat. Everyone’s reasons are different and just because one man isn’t able to stay faithful to a woman doesn’t mean they are all like that. I have male friend who have never cheated but who have been cheated on, and they have still been blamed. “I wouldn’t have slept with another man if you…” Where is the sense in that?

And what about women? They can have male friends and a guy is not meant to say anything about it. So why can’t a man have females friends without there being 101 questions and accusations? How is that fair? Why is it one rule for men and another rule for women?

You can’t help who you fall for. And what if the woman a man has married, or the man a woman has married, turns out not to be the person they were meant to be with? Are they suppose to stay miserable with the person they are married to and let the love of their life pass by?

And you should never blame the other person unless you have stood in front of a mirror and asked yourself if it could have been you to blame. Plenty people are willing to pass the blame onto others because they don’t want to be the person at fault, but it takes two to make a relationship work. And it only takes one person to start to ruin it. And believe it or not it is not always the man.

Men need to learn to keep their dicks in their pants and women need to learn to keep their knickers on. Try sorting out a relationship before jumping into bed with someone else. If you honestly know, deep down, the relationship is screwed, that you no longer feel anything for your partner then be a man/woman about it and tell them it’s not working out and leave. Yes it will hurt both people but it will be better in the long run. What are you suppose to do? Stay in an unhappy relationship just because you don’t want the other person to be hurt?

End of the day you really have to ask: if the situation was reversed would they stick around for me? Most people wouldn’t so why should you?


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