I cannot believe someone has hacked into the PS3 network and has not only caused the network to be shut down for about a week, but who has also managed to get millions of peoples details, including names, addresses and billing information.

I have a PS3, but luckily I didn’t put my bank details in when I set up the PS3 as I have a PSP and therefore, already had an account. But even when setting that up I never entered bank details, I wouldn’t be using my card to pay for downloads. I would use the PS network vouchers.

My PS3 is the slimline version and it was £350. But there were people buying them when they first came out and some deals were £500. So people have basically gone away and bought a games console with their hard earned money, and also bought network content etc, only for their details to be stolen? Gee thanks Sony! Why don’t you just offer us a free games download next time?

And if Sony were going to be charging so much for their consoles and games, you would think they would make the network 100% secure. Completely hack proof, or that they would do daily updates of their security systems to ensure hackers could not get into the system.

Moving onto the hacker anyway… I bet it is a he, he will be probably in his 30’s-40’s, he will live in his mothers basement, he will be unemployed, he will be a complete power mad, control freak and he will definitely be a virgin. You can just picture him now, with his greasy long hair and his psychotic grin as he manages to hack into one of the most popular gaming social networks in the world.  And the reason? Because then he has total control over so many million people, who have a PS3 and who play against other online players around the world.

Why couldn’t he have targeted X-Box?

And what will happen when he is caught? Well he will go to prison. Personally I think he should be shot because of the amount of money he has cost Sony by doing this and for the amount of people who will be worried about some psychotic loon having their personal details.

The network is still down and there has been a full investigation launched. I am sure the Sony website will keep people informed on what is happening and what can be done if you wish to raise any grievances.

Every PS3 users, whose details have been hacked, should be given their money back. End of the day no one wants to spend up to £500 on a console just to have their personal details stolen do they?


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