Strangeways- ideal name for the justice system

I am back to blog, after spending the past 2 weeks constantly glued to my Law notes for my up-coming exams. So before I start writing this post I would like to apologise for the lack of posts from me lately.


I was watching Strangeways on ITV1. I was really interested in the way the prison worked and was getting right into the program until there was a suicide attempt. That is when I became pissed.

Basically, the suicide attempt was because the offender couldn’t hack being in prison with some of the country’s most dangerous men. Well, here’s some news pal… It’s no ones fault but your own that you are in there. If you can’t do the time and all that.

There was also an armed robber, who feels so terrible about what he was putting his family through, as his wedding is taking place in the prison. But, end of the day, he told his girlfriend that he was going to rob the post office and did it, did he give a shit about them when he was doing that? And now he wants all the people watching to feel sorry for him because he chose to screw up and break the law? I don’t think so.

I have absolutely no sympathy for the prisoners. They wouldn’t be in there if they hadn’t committed the crime. I mean they shouldn’t really be complaining, things could be worse. At least they are still alive. If it was up to me, murderers, rapists, paedophiles and armed robbers would just be shot after they had appeared in court. Why should they be allowed to spend a few years in prison, not paying their way on society and still having their Playstaions and TV’s in their rooms?

It showed a man, who was guilty of drugs conspiracy, unpacking his things that they allowed him to have, out came the PS2 games and I just instantly thought ‘how the hell is that suppose to be a punishment?’ It’s not really.

Prison is too soft for offenders, and they know what prison is like so once they get released they will just commit further offences because prison is easy. It doesn’t ‘reform’ the offender, like it is suppose to. It just houses the country’s scum bags, who would rather break the law and rob people than get a normal job like everyone else. Why should we have to pay taxes to keep them in prison?

Bring back the public hangings for armed robbers and murderers, rapists and paedophiles should be hung, drawn and quartered. This country is too soft on the people who ruin innocent people’s lives. What right does someone have to take the life or ruin the life of someone else?

Yes, offenders still have the right to life according to Human Rights… Personally, as soon as they commit the offence they should loose all their Human Rights. Right to life? Did their victims not have the right to life?


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