This makes me sick!

A man kicked his partners 5-year-old springer spaniel, causing broken ribs and a punctured lung, which meant the animal was unable to breathe. The dog, named Tilly, died later that evening.

The man claimed he had only hit the dog with the back of his hand or fist after the dog had bit him. Later the man admitted to the police that he had kicked the dog three times while wearing his Timberland boots. He also admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to the protected animal by repeatedly kicking her.

The man was banned from keeping animals for 5 years, given a 12 month community order with supervision 200 hours of unpaid work, told to pay compensation of £1,233 to the constabulary and court costs of £85. He was also told to pay his ex-partner £250 in compensation.

This has left me completely raged! The man was told to pay £250 compensation to his ex-partner. £250! That is nothing compared to the loss and anger she will be feeling. Animals cannot defend themselves as well as people can, and they can’t speak out and ask what they have done to deserve being a victim of violence.

I think the laws on animal protection need to be reformed, anyone who hurts or even kills an animal who cannot defend itself should, in my opinion, be sentenced to a year in prison, banned from keeping animals for the rest of their days and also be made to pay more than £1,000 compensation, with the condition that if they do not pay the compensation they will return to prison for a further 6 months. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

Does anyone agree with me? Or disagree with me?


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