Would you kill for £5.00?

Christopher Thompson, from Guidepost in Northumberland, stabbed his best friend and child’s godfather, Glen Simmons, after having a petty argument over £5.00.

Thompson stabbed Simmons in the neck with a kitchen knife after the pair fell out over Simmons owing Thompson £5.00 on a drugs deal in November 2010. Thompson then fled the scene and hid his jacket as well as the weapon.

The jury heard Thompson plead that he was guilty of manslaughter but not murder, as he did not intend to kill Simmons or cause serious harm and that he was under attacks of kicks and punches by Simmons at the time. However, prosecutors insisted that Thompson must have intended to cause serious harm and that would make Thompson guilty of murder.

Thompson had the intention to cause serious harm to his friend as he went to the confrontation over the £5.00, armed with two weapons, a spanner and a knife, which he used to stab Simmons in the neck. Thompson claimed he had pre-arranged the meeting with Simmons and that he only had the weapons for protection.

After being stabbed Simmons staggered into the shop but was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived as Thompson had managed to sever a main artery when he stabbed Simmons. It was only after Thompson and Simmons fled in opposite directions when Thompson notice the blood on the knife.

The trial was held at Newcastle Crown Court on the 12th May 2011, and Thompson was convicted of the murdering Simmons.

Thompson will be sentenced a week after the trial and will face a minimum of 25 years in prison.


When I first heard about this case I was shocked, not because of the reason behind the stabbing, but because I used to live about 5 minutes drive away from Guidepost. It shocked me to think that someone would risk the life of their best friend, who was also godfather of their child, for the sake of £5.00. It is just completely insane!

I know times are hard, especially for those who have families and very limited resources but that still does not warrant a stabbing over such a little amount of money.


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