The trouble with being young.

I have found that if you are between the ages of 20 and 25 it is more harder for you to do most things. Car insurance is much more expensive and it is harder for you to get a job.

Some people are fortunate enough to have a business in the family. But what if you aren’t fortunate enough to have parents with their own business? Well then you have to job hunt and that can take weeks if not months to find something, in some cases it can even take years for people to find a job especially in the present economic climate.

So why is it so hard for young people? Because employers like to have people who have experience, as then they don’t have to spend time and money training them up to do the job. But one of the other things employers look for is age. I know, by law, employers aren’t suppose to age discriminate but they do and they know that a 30 year old is more likely to be more reliable, more experienced and more mature than a 20 year old.

Young people get stereotyped all the time. We are supposed to be these bunch of people who are lazy students who just want to go out, get pissed and wake up, at three in the afternoon, to pizza from the night before. Most of that is completely untrue of the young people of today. Yes there will be the few lazy students who do nothing and are just in education because it is easier than getting a job, but for the people who want to work it is a label which makes it harder to find employment.

So are all young people supposed to just go to college and uni until they are 25+? Well no because that wouldn’t be fair on the people who had to work and who couldn’t afford to go to university. But there are some areas where it is better to be older; take me for example, I am 22 and I am going to university this year. Reason? Well I want to do law and that is an area that is better to go into when you are at least 28. Afterall who is going to listen to a 24 year old solicitor advising them on wills and probate? Law is an area which suits older people, but it is also an area that you can work in until you are 70 without feeling like you are back-dated and lacking up-to-date experience.

Yes young people like to have fun, who doesn’t? But that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t take a job seriously. Just because young people may have let an employer down in the past doesn’t mean that the right candidate will do the same.

Luckily, if you are aged between 16 and 18 you can apply for an apprenticeship. If you are older than that then you are screwed and told to just send spec letters to your preferred field of employment or job hunt until you get something. Why is there careers advice for people up to the age of 19? Shouldn’t all people get careers advice no matter what age they are?

Jobcentre Plus is the worst. They claim that they give you the help you need to be able to get the job you want. Really? Well how come when my best friend went to ask for their help they gave her a phone number and told her that was all they could do? Know how long she spent trying to get through to someone who could apparently “help”? half a day, and even then when she did get through they gave her another phone number and told her that the jobcentre had gave her the wrong department number and to call the new number they had gave her. A few hours and 3 phone numbers later she was sorted. But is there really any need for all of the different numbers and departments? Why can’t they just have one number and they people who answer the phone give you the help you need? What would be so difficult in training all JCP staff to do that? They even accused my friend that she wasn’t looking for work and that she wasn’t applying for the jobs they were giving her, which was totally untrue as she was using my computer to send the email applications and typing up the cover letters.

Isn’t the UK supposed to be about equality? Aren’t we supposed to be a democracy?

Yes. It is certainly tough being young in a society that is middle-class, middle-aged and middle-minded.


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