Suspicion and lies… Welcome to the world of the bitter wives.

I have just read on one of my favourite site forums that there is a girl having an affair with her married boss. The replies she is getting is completely cruel! How can anyone blame her of being a home wrecker when the initial problem, and the reason for him cheating, was that he couldn’t cope with his wife’s behaviour and needed someone to be there for him?

I am taking it as most of the replies are from bitter wives who have been cheated on or left for younger women but I will say that they are completely out of order. One woman even called the poor girl a whore! That is shocking!

Whose fault is it if a man cheats? It’s not the “other woman’s” fault is it? No it is the husband and wife’s fault because their marriage is obviously not satisfying enough for him to stay faithful.

Everyone is quick to blame the other woman. “Oh she is such a home-wrecker” well actually she is just doing the job that you should be doing in the first place and keeping your husband happy! Jesus it’s not rocket science, men are basic creatures and as long as they are kept fed and satisfied in the bedroom department then they are happy. And yet so many women fail to get that right. How?!

And why is it that as soon as a woman gets a wedding ring on her finger she turns into this controlling psycho who is obsessed with her husband? Its happened to most of my married friends and guess what… 3 of them are now involved in divorce procedures. Yeah totally great, glad you made such a hash of things. Well done!

I will be honest here and say that I am not sympathetic one bit. They know that I have sided with their husbands on their arguments while they were married, and the reason for that is because they have been bang out of order.

One of my friends accused her husband of shagging around, he wasn’t though, he had taken on extra shifts at work so he could put the money towards buying her a new car. Which she didn’t get because she had nagged him that much about him cheating he left her. So she blew it for herself really. Smart move… Not.

Another one of my friends whose husband left, had been logging into facebook and reading the posts on his wall. She saw a post off a girl and went ballistic when he went home from work. She later looked like a right idiot when he told her that it was his cousin who lived in America. He left my friend a few weeks after that when he found out that she had been going through his MSN and IMing people… One of which turned out to be his sister, must have been awkward when she got an IM through saying “stop f**king my husband you skank.” Nice. No wonder the poor bloke left.

Now, I have facebook and the worst thing, in my opinion, is to have your boyfriend/husband on your friends list. Simply because if any other woman comments on his status then you are automatically drawn to read it. I have been there myself with past boyfriends and all you do it torment yourself with paranoia. It is not worth it. So block your boyfriend/husband from your profile, and you won’t be as paranoid when you see things online.

Same goes for photographs on social networking sites. Just because there is a picture of your boyfriend/husband next to a girl you don’t know, doesn’t mean he is having his end away with her. She could be a colleague, she could be a relative, she could even be a bloody friend who has no intention of sleeping with him. So please fight the urge to send her facebook hate mail or hate tweets. Because not only will it piss her off but it will also make you out to be a complete psycho.

I mean are men not suppose to have female friends when they are either in a relationship or married? Who made that dumb-ass rule up? Just because they are friends doesn’t meant that they are sleeping together. It doesn’t even mean that they like each other in that way.

And one thing women never take into consideration, is that women cheat as well. It’s not always the men. Why should the other woman be slated? People don’t slate the other man, do they? How come the other man is never labelled as the “home wrecker”? Oh no, to all his friends he is the big man for sleeping with a married woman. So why should the other woman be called a whore, slut and a home wrecker? It is just the same but a reversed version.

It is so retarded how we live in a world where wives are always the victims. What about the other woman? Does she not have feelings too? What about the husband? Surely he has feelings? And I am sure that most married men who do cheat, will feel guilty about it. But how else are they suppose to get the attention they need if their wives are sour faced, miserable bints? Nothing is more of a turn-off than a nagger.

I always say don’t want to get married. Even when I have found my apparent “one” I would probably still be the same, it is harder to break a marriage than a relationship and to be honest all the hassle and expense of a wedding just for a piece of paper and a ring? Is there any point to it all?


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