Another rant about the justice system

The Government have finally seen sense and have decided to abolish the idea of having sentences cut for offenders who plead guilty at an early stage.The original proposal was to cut the jail sentences for offenders by 50%, however, this was abolished as the reform would also apply to rapists.

However, I personally think that the justice system is too lenient to begin with, without making it easier for offenders to get off with their offences by getting their sentence reduced if they enter an early guilty plea. How is that likely to reform the criminal justice system? There are offenders who have been in and out of prison all their lives and I don’t see how prison is meant to reform them.

Offenders know that if they re-offend they are just going to go through the same process all over again. I fail to see how this can possibly reform offenders. There have been talks about the Government introducing new legislation for prison’s to be a place of work, where offenders will have to work 40 hours a week inside the prison as opposed to just laying around, playing pool and being a general nuisance.

The idea of the offenders studying whilst in prison is a good but also a waste of government funds. Offenders have a choice of courses they can study whilst serving their sentence, these courses also include Law. Now, I think this is a good scheme because it is providing those who have a basic education background the chance to learn something new, but at the same time I do not see the point in letting offenders study Law. Won’t they just find loop holes in the legal system? Surely by teaching offenders Law, the state is also teaching them how to re-offend and possibly get away with it?

Early plea’s are recognised anyway, but I don’t see how this was even a good idea. Does that mean that if a rapist pleads guilty he should have his sentence halved? What message does that send out to the public? Surely the Government should be trying to keep the general public safe instead of letting people who are a danger wander around?

Take the Guidepost stabbing for example, the offender has been sentenced to at least 25 years imprisonment. Now to me that isn’t long enough. He murdered his friend because of a owed payment of £5.00 on a previous drug deal, surely he should have been sentenced for the murder and have a separate sentence for dealing? The victims families are still going to be without him in 25 years time, so why should the offender get the chance to apply for probation after 25 years with the possibility of being let out?

The justice system needs a drastic turn around and the only way that is going to happen is if the UK opt out of the EU. EU laws state that offenders still have their human rights, but what about their victims? Did they not have the human rights not to be a victim of the offence? How is it that a paedophile or a rapist still has human rights? Surely their victim had the human rights not to be abused? Their victim’s lives have been ruined because of their sick actions and they still have the right to a fair trial? What? If someone has committed paedophilia or rape then they should just be sentenced to life imprisonment straight away, they shouldn’t have the right to a fair trial. They have ruined a life and should therefore be stripped of their rights.

Another thing that has got me a little angry is that sex offenders can now apply to have their names removed off the sex offenders register after a certain amount of years. Again, I think this is a total disgrace. Why shouldn’t they be named and shamed for their actions? They have committed an offence and should be punished for it. So what if they public take the law into their own hands and cause the offender years of misery, do they not deserve it? It has to be said that if they had not committed the offence in the first place then they would not need to live a secluded life.

Personally, I think that there should be a prison built on an island somewhere, where all the serious offenders, such as murders, rapists, paedophiles and armed robbers, are sent to server their sentences. Then after serving their sentence they should be stood against a wall and shot. That way they cannot re-offend if they get released early. I also think that products that are tested on animals should be tested on offenders instead, why should animals suffer the effects of products when they have done nothing wrong?

I know I am not exactly P.C when it comes to these sort of matters but I am sure that I speak out for a number of people who all agree that the English Legal System is too soft on those who offend and re-offend.


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