A cycle rant

Like many drivers I hate cyclists.

They use the roads, cause people to slow right down and generally just piss people off. So I have come up with a solution…

If cyclists insist on using the road (because the stuff the council put down on cycle paths knack up their tyres) then they should have to pay road tax and insurance like any other road user. And I also think that they should have to go through a test like every other road user, because some of them are a bloody danger to themselves never mind motorists.

What go me riled about this today was when I was at the Moor Farm round about waiting to go back up the spine road. I started pulling away when I got a green light and out of nowhere this cyclist came bombing across the road infront of my car. And he had the nerve to give me the fingers!

I drove home riled as ever and just as I was coming into Amble, what should I happen to get stuck behind? Yep, a cyclist. I over took him and finally managed to get home without wanting a nervous breakdown.

But getting back to my point, do cyclists not use the road like everyone else? Do they not cause wear and tear on the roads surface like other vehicles do? And why is it always the drivers fault if they are in an incident with a cyclist? Surely if the cyclist hadn’t have been on the road it wouldn’t have happened?!

What really annoys me is when you see cyclists on the spine road, its a bloody 60-70mph road ffs! Anyone cycling on there has obviously got a death wish. Or is mentally incapable of realising that they will die if a car hits them while coming around a blind bend.

I don’t know. Yeah fine it’s healthy etc but is there any full need to slow other traffic down just because you want to go on a bike ride? And the people who ‘cycle to work’ get a bloody car! The rest of us have places to be too you know, and we don’t want to be stuck behind you, just because you prefer to be ‘kinder to the environment’. News flash: You won’t make a single difference to the planets environmental state on your own so you might as well get a car and get to the places you want to be quicker and safer.

Phew. Rant over. Its 12:25am and I am going to bed to have sweet dreams of a world where cyclists have to pay road tax and insurance or are banned from using the roads. Ahhh wouldn’t that be bliss?


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