The world is a very sick place!

So I am sure that anyone who is a regular news watcher/reader will have heard about the decision the judge made about sentencing the man who had been found to have over 300,000 indecent images including some sexual images of the most extreme category. Well the pictures were said to be mostly child pornography and of sexual abuse of very young children.

Taylor, was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court. The court heard that Taylor had 47 devices including hard drives, phones, memory sticks and a laptop to store the pictures.

In handing Taylor an indeterminate prison sentence, Judge Grant said he must serve a minimum of three years before he can be considered for release.

Taylor is a father of two but there have been no claims to his abusing his own children. He pleaded guilty to 27 charges, including making and possessing indecent images and sexually assaulting a baby. Officers also found an instruction video for paedophiles showing them how to abuse children from birth until the age of eight.

This had me livid! 3 years! He was sentenced to be prisoned indefinitely and then in the next breath the judge is saying he can be considered for release in 3 years? Is that not contradicting what sentenced had just been passed? Is it not showing that the English legal system is a complete and utter joke? That dangerous offenders will be released within a few years of committing the crime?

I write about the cases in the news that mainly get to me, and paedophilia is the main topic really pisses me off. I have friends who have children, I have two young cousins both under the age of 10 and I also would like a family of my own someday. However, with the growing numbers of child abuse cases, and even abuse cases happening in schools and nursery’s on the rise, I am seriously starting to consider if it is safe to bring a child into the world.

Child abuse, in my opinion, is worse than murder, simply because if someone is murdered they don’t have to carry around what was done to them, a child, especially a very young child, has to grow up and will hear about what has been done to them and wonder why he targeted them? What had they done to deserve that? It will traumatise victims for the rest of their lives and it will make them unable to have a happy life with their own family as surely they will be constantly worrying? I know I would be.

I can remember the days when we could play in the front yard or on the playing park and not have to worry about being abducted or being abused by the neighbourhood pervert. But these days these sick people seem to be everywhere! It must terrify the hell out of parents who have either had their children at places where these things have happened or who have known the person capable of such things.

And as for Taylor sexually assaulting a baby, that just makes me want to track him down and put him through the slowest and most agonising death that is possible. What kind of sick bastard sexually assaults a baby? A defenceless baby who knows nothing, who is completely innocent and whose parents must be going frantic because they will always know that their baby was a victim of some sicko’s pleasure.

The officers who found an instruction tape for paedophiles must have been physically sick, and the officers who had children must have been seething. Especially as it was a tape showing how to abuse children from birth up to the age of 8. How do these monsters get away with making such sick videos? What makes a person get up in the morning and think ‘I will make a video on how to abuse children today’? There is something seriously wrong with these people and they should just be put to death. No questions, no chances to worm their way out of it, just impaled in a town square and left to be tortured by the public for their sordid crime. Vlad The Impaler had the right idea, if only he had used his ideas on criminals and wrong doers instead of the poor and innocent.

The sentenced passed to Taylor, in my opinion is nothing. The sentenced passed to any paedophile, for that matter, is nothing compared to the trauma the victims and families will have for the rest of their lives. And as for getting released etc. They have a criminal record, they won’t be able to be employed, they will have lost everything anyway so what is to stop them doing it again?

No, I have said it before and I will say it again, the only way to stop these sicko’s re-offending is to bring back the death penalty and to put them through the most agonising and slowest death imaginable. That way at least they will be punished for their crime to the extent which they deserve. Screw their Human Rights! A baby has the Human Rights not to be abused by some sick, twisted bastard who is good for fuck all and who has ruined so many families lives.

Maybe I am too brutal? Or maybe there are too many soft people in the EU who are letting people like Taylor get away with these kind of crimes? All I know is that the Government need to pull out of the EU and seriously reform the justice system by bringing back the death penalty for sicko’s like Taylor!


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