I predict a riot!

Riots in London have now opened in Birmingham and this makes me think what is all of this truly about?

The police shot a man because he was carrying a gun and all of a sudden there has been riots started. End of the day, if he hadn’t have been carrying a firearm in the first place none of this would have happened. Is that not the expected reaction of the police towards people who could be a potential threat to the general public.

Why did he need to carry a firearm in the first place? It all boils down to image and how intimidated people are. And it is pathetic!

And has anyone else noticed that the looters and rioters are mostly coloured youths? This is because if it was a white person who was carrying a firearm and got shot by police, no one would say anything about it, no one would even bat an eyelid, but because the scum bag was coloured it is completely different.

What do I think would help the situation? Well personally I think the Government should just tell police to open fire to anyone who gets in their way. It would solve things quickly as most of them will turn to shit if they had a gun pointed at them. All these youths that are rioting should just be lined up and shot. There is no way any of them are ever going to amount to anything and as for looting businesses just because they can is completely ridiculous! They are ruining peoples ways of making a living for themselves, what gives them the right to break the law?

Once the riots are under control, if they ever get it under control, the police should get every single one of the youths, line them up in front of their parents and shoot them, then they should shoot the parents. Why should the parents be punished? Because it is all about how they are brought up. Young people know right from wrong, they know that carrying a firearm is illegal and dangerous but they still continue to do so, so surely it is obvious that they will be dealt with when they get caught. Its pointless retaliating against the police because there is no way around the fact that they have broke the law!

The police obviously thought that the man was a threat for them to shoot him. I wouldn’t be rioting about it, I would be bloody glad that there was one less person going around who is a danger to the community! And as for the youths that are masked, if you are so big and hard to riot and cause so much shit surely you are big and hard enough to show you’re face? Just comes to show how pathetic the modern society really is.

I don’t know why youths want to copy the gang society’s that are portrayed in America and the media. I mean this is real life, it is not Grand Theft Auto, you can’t go around shooting and rioting and not expect police to retaliate. And what will happen to the youth scum bags when all of this is contained? They will get a warning or be charged with criminal damage and theft.

People need to learn that they cannot just get away with crimes because they are young or coloured. There are said to be youths there to be as young as 10, now are those children going to grow up to be decent members of the community? Are they fuck! They are going to grow up to be right unlawful scummers who are just going to cost the country even more money to keep them.

I am glad, however, to see that people are recommending my comment on the Sky News website. (http://blogs.news.sky.com/lifeofcrime/Post:1f4f9046-86ea-442a-becd-f046dec71100)


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