Cut throat crime

Murderer A Randall, 37, sexually assaulted and finally murdered his 7 week-old daughter. He had assaulted his daughter almost on a daily basis and had been reported to have;kicked her across the floor, stamped on her chest, pulled her legs and arms in opposite directions, put his fingers down her throat and sexually abused her, eventually killing her when he smashed her head off the wooden arm of the settee.

Investigations into the child’s death proved that if Social Services and health care organisations had intervened then she may not have died.

Randall was sentenced to life and after being in prison for 5 years he was attacked by one of his fellow prisoners. It was then reported that Randall’s throat had been slashed and that he was screaming in agony after being stabbed in both eyes. Wardens stepped in just in time to save Randall’s life.

After reading the complete article about Randall’s crime, I was left feeling sick. How could anyone do that to a child? Let alone their own daughter? He deserved everything that he got!
There was also someone saying that “he didn’t deserve the assault as prison was enough of a punishment for his crime”. That person should be locked up just for thinking that such a crime could ever be matched with a life sentence of imprisonment.

Randall had not only sexually assaulted a child but he had also committed murder, and I think for committing such a monstrous act, he should have been put to death instead of put in a prison. Why should the Great British taxpayer have to pay to keep him in a cell? Why couldn’t the Government have made a law which states that anyone who commits sexual assaults, murders, armed robberies, attempted murders or GBH resulting in hospitalisation and other indictable offences, will be put to death and it will be publicly broad-casted. This would then ensure that the majority of the British public would see that the Justice System is serious on punishing offenders.

I mean it isn’t rocket science is it? Get out of the EU so we can have our own laws on punishment and legalise the death sentence, job done. It would cut back on prisons being over crowded, the Government would save a fortune and taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for scum bag offenders to have pool tables and Playstations. Is that not a simple solution?

I mean what is life? The sentence basically depends on the judges decision, which could range from 15-40 years imprisonment before parole. In some cases the judge will decide that the offender cannot apply for parole and must see his living days in prison. However, if the offender is under the age of 18 (or 21) they cannot be sentenced to life. Which, in my opinion, is completely shocking. Surely if they were mature enough to commit the crime then they are mature enough to suffer the consequences.

If a 17 year-old murders another teenager then they should be sentenced to life. Not sentenced to a certain number of months or years in a young offenders then brought back in front of the court, for it to be decided if they should then move onto prison, just lock them up for a year and let them know that come their 18th birthday the only thing they will be getting is a bloody good beating and left in a cell to rot. It would stop a lot of young people offending if they knew that they were going to endure pain as a punishment.

The Government need to have a serious think about how to reform the justice system before we become a society of crime without punishment. And they need to think about what is going to happen if the prisons become full, how will they detain dangerous offenders then?


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