Immigration rant.

Just read on the Sky News website that a Turkish National named Ensar Gol has been charged with the murder of a woman in Oxfordshire and will appear before Magistrates tomorrow. Two women aged 29 and 50 were found with fatal injuries by officers at the house in the early hours of Sunday morning. Martin Brunt (Sky News’ crime correspondent) said it was thought the two victims include Gol’s wife, a British woman who he married recently.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said the identities of the two victims will not be released until a formal identification process has taken place. Gol was detained by officers in Thame Market Place shortly after the women were found and was also charged with the attempted murder of a 19-year-old woman who is in hospital in stable condition. And post-mortem examinations will be conducted to determine how the women died.

This is what happens when we let immigrants into our country. As well as steal our jobs they also commit offences and cause pain and misery to the Great British public. Why should we let them come here just so they can send the money they get from the British tax payer to their families abroad? How is that fair?

There are people who are British and living in the UK who don’t get as much help financially as what people from outside of the UK get. How many people have come into our country and been sentenced to imprisonment for raping, murdering or causing other indictable offences? Isn’t that just a waste of Government resources?

When there is more details of the Ensar Gol case I will be writing more about the story and also more on my personal opinions regarding immigration.


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