Defending his country?

Its scary knowing that there are men that have sacrificed their lives for their country but it is even more terrifying to know that a former solider could turn to such a series of horrific crimes.

Jonathan Haynes targeted young girls during a 6 month campaign of rapes. His first attack was on a 16-year-old girl as she returned home from a nightclub in Chippenham. He took her to a secluded area and subjected her to a brutal, horrific rape.

Two weeks later, the former lance corporal, went to visit his off-on girlfriend but could not find her. In a fit of rage he went into the room of a female student he didn’t know, in university halls, and raped her.

Haynes also tried abducting two 14 year-old girls down a nearby country lane but the girls managed to fight him off before making their escape. The final attack was another few weeks later, where he picked up a girl from Chippenham, took her to the same secluded area where he took his first victim, and raped her.

The judge praised the bravery of Haynes’ victims and Haynes was found was found guilty of six counts of rape, two of kidnap and two of attempted kidnap. He must serve a minimum of 12 years in prison.

12 years? 12 years! That’s all he got? He is a serial rapist, he should have got 12 years per victim. It will take more than 12 years for his victims to accept that they have to live with what this monster did to them.

A comment on the Sky News website stated “I used to work with John and he left the Army before this happened, I couldnt believe it when I read it. He always had a temper but you would never of thought he was capable of such a sick crime, I hope he rots in hell for what he has done”

The comment on the Sky News website about the 14 year old girls asking for it, makes me sick. Girls should be allowed to wear what they want without having to think if they will get raped. It is sicko’s like Haynes who make it look as if girls ask to be raped. However, it doesn’t matter if they were in short skirts or full-on habits, Haynes would have still raped them because they were girls, not because of their clothing.

I fail to understand how the judge can class 12 years as an indefinite sentence, all it will do is give him 12 years to think about how he can continue his sick series of rapes when he gets released. And who is to say that next time he won’t commit murder so he has no witnesses to identify him? What then?

The cost of keeping Haynes could easily be minimised to the price of a bullet or a length of rope. That might then stop the MP’s complaining about having to cut costs in vital areas or about the shortage of prison spaces.


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