Immigration rant continued

I love how you read about a case then there is nothing else said about it. Not. It is actually quite annoying. But never mind as I have something else to rant about regarding immigration.

I was watching UK Border Force and there was an immigrant called Mr Rehman who claimed he was in the UK to study. When he was interviewed, his total study hours didn’t match up to the mandatory 18 hours of study which foreign nationals must comply with.

The Border Agenct contacted the college that he had claimed to be studying with and asked for proof of Mr Rehman’s attendance. They replied in writing saying that Mr Rehman had not attended college for over 2 years. It was then discovered that he had also told the interviewing agent different subjects to the ones he was actually enrolled for.
After a meeting with the Chief of the Border Agency, the interviewing agent told Mr Rehman that he would be deported back to Pakistan as they believed he was in the UK illegally.

After being deported for 11 months, Mr Rehman, then applied for his Visa and is now working and living legally in the UK.

Was there any point in deporting him? Seriously, they wasted money on putting him back on a flight just to come back 11 months later with a Visa? What is happening to this country? With the lack of employment in the UK to start with, shouldn’t the Government be cutting down on the amount of people who come into the UK for employment?

In my opinion, immigrants who are here illegally should be deported and not allowed to enter the UK ever again. It is not showing any authority and is not proving any punishment to those who enter the country illegally. It just shows that they will be deported and allowed back in a few months after a Visa is granted. Its a complete waste of time and money.


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