My Con

Ford have announced plans for the release of the My Key in the UK as it is already available in the US.

The My Key means parents can limit the speed, pre-set the speed and even limit how loud the stereo can be played. Other features include; reminders to slow down, fasten seatbelts and check when fuel is low. Ford’s P Mascarena stated that the My Key is for parents to have peace of mind.

Safety campaigners argue that driving too slow can be dangerous in certain situations and urged more to be done about young drivers attitudes being changed.

Now is it just me or can anyone else see a flaw with this? For a start, it doesn’t matter about limiting the speed because young drivers, especially boy racers, are still going to tear around at stupid mph. Limiting the speed does not stop them trying to drift around country lanes at 60-70 mph does it? No. Then there is the reminder to wear your seatbelt, unless I am pretty much mistaken cars already have a sensor that notifies the driver to put on their seatbelt by making a really loud annoying beeping noise.
As for limiting the volume of the stereo, well that is just a complete waste of time and reminding them to slow down is just like talking to a brick wall as they won’t take any notice whatsoever.

So how much is the My Key? Well there is nothing really on the internet about prices, but seen as the My Key will only work on new Fords then you will be looking at a starting price of £8548 and that is just for a basic model KA, which may not include the My Key feature (Of course, Ford could make it easier if they had this small detail on their website).

Nothing is going to stop young drivers acting like idiots, it is just another money making con to get people sucked into buying a brand new car.


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