556 Crimes on the wall.

A man with a 51 year crime record was brought before a judge for his 556th offence- and he was let off! Government officials refuse to identify him and he has walked out of court a free man despite being charged with a serious offence.

The serial offender is just another one of the 400 criminals (in 2010) who got non-custodial sentences despite having over 100 previous convictions. Of his 556 appearances in court, he has been jailed 181 times and given 385 non-custodial sentences. It’s been estimated that his life-long crime spree has cost the tax payer approximately £1 million.

A break down of his offences make a very interesting and shocking read. His offences consist of:

  • Shoplifting/ theft- 292
  • Public disorder- 79
  • Criminal damage- 14
  • Assaults- 9
  • Weapons offences- 3
  • Burglary offences- 7
  • Frauds- 6
  • Drunk & disorderly- 124
  • Breaches of bail/ ASBO- 18
His sentences:
  • Jail- 181
  • Non-custodial sentences- 385.
When I read this online I was shocked! 556 convictions and yet he was still able to walk around completely free to commit more? Obviously nothing can be done with him and there is no way he can be reformed, so surely the easiest way for society to stay safe is to just put him to death?
When does the justice system say enough is enough? Why should people have chance after chance? In my opinion if you offend then re-offend then you should be sentenced to death, never mind after the 50th offence or even the 500th offence. These people will never benefit society and they will never learn to abide by the law of the land. What else can be done with them apart from a short drop and a sudden stop? End of the day a bullet or length or rope costs way less than a court case and if people think that is too brutal then how about putting all offenders on a boat in the middle of the ocean and dropping a bomb on it? That way there wouldn’t be any reasons to complain about the lack of prison spaces and it would also cost a lot less than keeping the thousands of offenders who are regular attendee’s at their local court.
So why can’t the Government discuss that instead of how we are going to put money, that they haven’t got, into other countries? The UK needs to be sorted before anywhere else, so get our bloody money out of third world places and send condoms over, that way they won’t have as many children to feed and won’t be relying on the soft touch UK Government to feed and clothe them. Harsh I know but it annoys me to think that our own country and society is suffering just because our Government want to play superhero’s.




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