Collecting their debt

A gang stripped and tortured a 15 year-old girl then posted nude photographs of her on Facebook. The victim was locked in a cupboard and punched and beaten with a leather belt because she allegedly owed the gang £100.

The gang members; A Williams, D Johnson, V Beckford and S Vaughan and S Roberts were all sentenced with the sentences varying slightly.

Williams, Johnson and Roberts were found guilty of false imprisonment . Williams and Johnson were the also sentenced to to 4 years in a young offenders institute with Roberts being sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison.

Beckford and Vaughan were each sentenced to 4 years for false imprisonment and 9 months for making an indecent image of a child, however, they were told that they’d serve the sentences concurrently. They were also out on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years.

Judge Karu stated “She [the victim] trusted all of you and each of you betrayed that trust. The psychological damages are likely to be long term.”  The Judge also described the Brixton attack as “perverse revenge” for a £100 debt the victim owed.

The poor girl, fine she may have owed the money to the gang but was there any need to torture her? Why didn’t they just take her to a Civil Court for the money? Or would that have been too easy? Would that have not taught her a lesson not to mess with them again?

The attack, in my opinion, wasn’t because of the money, it was to show just how big and clever the gang thought they were. They might have cared about the money she hadn’t paid back, £100 to most people is a lot of money, but if it was so important they would have done things the right way instead of taking matters into their own hands.

And because they chose to play debt collectors it has cost them more than what it has cost their victim. This just comes to prove how selfish and power driven people really are. When they have all served their sentences what good are they going to be? They probably won’t want to work so employment is out of the window, the girls will probably have kids to different men and live in a rough council dwelling and you just know that their children will grow up to be just like them,

They will re-offend time and time again because they have no respect for themselves or for the justice system and they will also know that whatever crime they commit the most the courts can do is send them to prison where they will get a few years living for free, meals cooked and paid for, no bills to worry about or anything like that. Sorted.

How come it is the scum of society that seem to reap the rewards and the hard-working, honest people get nothing? Surely it should be the other way around?

But the justice system is as backward as the Government and its decisions.


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