Another few million wasted

Why didn’t the Government just leave the travellers and spend the £18 million on creating jobs or reforming offenders? Talk about wasting tax payers money! And what a shame that the council were made to do some work and clean up after travellers, did they think they got paid for just sitting on their arses or leaning against brushes like?

This just seriously annoys me! Yes there’s a mess when they’re there but they do clear up before they leave and to be fair they have a right to live the way they want to. They, like everyone else, have a right to freedom and if people don’t like their way of living then that is just tough. There is no need to waste tax payers money by evicting the travellers as they will just go else where.

Yes its an illegal development, but if the Government spent more time making it a legal development instead of arse kissing Obarma and all the other countries in “need” then things would have been a lot easier for everyone.

But will they use common sense? Will they fuck. I mean take the Africa crisis, they are appealing to people who already bloody pay taxes that get sent over there! Would it not be more beneficial to send condoms over? Then there wouldn’t be the increase of children, meaning there would be less poverty as there’d be less mouths to feed and less people to treat for diseases. Would that not make more sense?


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