Ruby Philips, a 14 month old baby, was brutally abused by her mother, who was jailed for 4 years. Partner Jordain Palmer denied the charge but was found guilty after a trial and received the same sentence.

The incident was first investigated when Ruby’s grandfather took her to the GP, who then referred her to Bristol Children’s Hospital, after noticing her walk with a limp. Emergency X-ray’s then showed that Ruby had an old healing fracture in her left shin bone, just below her knee, a fractured left wrist and a fracture on her left forearm. There were also two fractures on her left hand and a third on her right hand. All fingernails and toes were torn and black from being stamped on or shut in a door. Ruby also had bruising on her face, ears, rib-cage and legs.

The abuse was believed to be done over a 6 week period.  All three of Phillip’s children, including a baby fathered by Palmer and a 4 year-old girl are now all in care of others.
Wow. What a case. Makes you really sit up and think about the kind of people who live with us in society. How could anyone cause such injuries and pain to a defenceless child? And being jailed for 4 years isn’t a punishment. Being put through the same abuse over the same period wouldn’t even be a sufficient punishment! She deserves to be sentenced to death for the injuries and abuse she has put her daughter through.

The law evolved and got rid of the death penalty, which was a bad idea, because if people knew they would suffer a painful, public death, then surely there would be less crime committed? There is one thing for sure, there would certainly be no more re-offending indictable offenders, such as rapists or paedophiles. But its all about their human rights isn’t it?

In my opinion, once you have committed a crime as serious as this one, rape, murder, manslaughter or paedophilia, then you should be hung. That way the Government wouldn’t be crying on about the lack of prison cells and we could all sleep safely at night knowing that there would be no chance of them getting out and re-offending. And why should a indictable offenders have Human Rights? Did their victims not have the rights not to suffer due to their perverse actions?

Where is the justice for little Ruby in the judge passing a 4 year sentence? That isn’t justice! How is this going to protect any further children that this woman may have? It won’t and it won’t reform her either. People this sick and twisted can never be reformed and any mother who can put their child through the abuse and torture she did deserves a short drop and a sudden stop. End of the day, trip to a DIY store and a length of rope is cheaper than keeping a prisoner, so would that not solve the economy crisis a little?
You can do it, when you B&Q it!


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