Driving around in my JCB

34-year old S. Regan left a trail of destruction in Church Warsop, Nottinghamshire, on July the 2nd 2011, as he tried to outrun the police in a stolen JCB.

He drove through a cemetary like a “man possessed” and as he tried to find the exit, he ran down at least two grave stones. The total damage of his rampage is said to be in the region of £15,000. Regan was eventually caught coming out of the cementary with a punctured tyre.

He has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years imprisonment.

Seriously? Four-and-a-half-years? Is that it?! He has caused misery to familied who have deceased relatives in the graves he has destoyed and he only gets four-and-a-half years. What about the £15,000’s worth of damage that has been caused? Who has to pay for that? Surely a more suitable punishment would have been for him to make pay the £15,000 plus compensation to the families AND be put in prison for at least five years?

This is what’s wrong with the English justice system. Everyone is protected by the Human Rights Act 1998, the the UK cannot punish offenders the way that would be suitable for both the victims and society.

I have a very strong belief that the method of pain could stop a lot of offenders or people who re-offend. Like with children, if they know that they will get a smack across the arse with a slipper if they are naughty. So obviously if people know that they will have to face pain if they offend then it would save a lot of time in court and a lot of public money. But this is not possible as everyone has the right not to be tortured… Thank you Human Rights.


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