Hide & Seek

14 “dangerous” men are being hunted in the UK for committing crimes abroad. One of the men is wanted for 3 murders while 2 brothers who are believed to have raped a young girl. Another one of the men is said to have cut his victims throat with a broken beer bottle.

Operation Sunfire have issued the names of some of the wanted men. Ndriem Sadushi- is suspected of 3 murders and an attempted murder in Albania in 1997.

Polish brothers, Wojciech and Dariusz Glowacki, are wanted for raping a young girl and are believed to be living in London.

Adrian Vasilescu, 31, is wanted in Romania for an attack on his victim, alledgedlycutting his throat with a broken beer bottle. Police believe he too could be living in or around the Manor Park area of London.

Crimestoppers-uk.org has all the details and images of all 14 men. Police urge the public not to approach the men but to call Crime Stoppers, so the men can be found and arrested.

Yeah, because that really makes the British public sleep better at night, knowing the 14 dangerous men are going aroud as well as all the other offenders this country already has. However, as mentioned men are all part of the EU then they are free to come into the UK whenever they want. This is why we need to get out of Europe, simply because dangerous people are coming over to the UK, living off the tax payers money and could also committ further crime while they are here.

Of course they know they will be wanted, so if that is the case what is stopping them committing a crime to buy them a little more time here in the UK? Do the police not think that once the suspects know they are being hunted, they will really stay in the same place? Course they won’t! They will relocate and keep relocating until they are caught. Or should I say IF they are caught?


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