Mother Theresa

Theresa May announced, at the Manchester conference, that foreign criminals will no longer be able to avoid deportation by claiming “the right to a family life.” She wants to rewrite the rules to prevent “abuse” of Section 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

David Cameron and Theresa May have both made clear that they want the Human Rights Act abolished and to be replaced with the British Bill of Rights. However, the Lib Dem’s are standing in the way as Nick Clegg stated “The Human Rights Act is here to stay.”

MP’s will not be required to vote on the proposal as it is contained in secondary legislation. And even though everyone has the right to a family life, under Section 8 of the Act, it is not an absolute right. Soursec from the Home Office say it is legitimate, therefore, to prevent the use of that right is within the public’s interests. Which potentially includes reasons such as public protection or to protect British ecomony, so it could be applied to criminals or those in breach of UK immigration rules.

A commission set up to look at the policy will report in 2012. And as Lib Dem MP’s won’t be able to vote on the changes, they may mave to grin and bare it if the changes do come into place.

Fabulous! It’s about time we had someone who see’s sense. The Human Rights Act 1998 should be abolished. It gives people too many excuses to get away with things and the UK is bound by this just because we are part of the EU. We should be free to make our own laws without having to consider the Human Rights Act or even consider Europe.

We will just have to wait and see how they tackle this battle and hopefully Theresa May and David Camerson will get there way to abolish the Act.


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