Invasion of the taxi cam

We officially live in a Big Brother style society, with camera’s everywhere we look it is surprising anyone can have any privacy these days… Well we can’t even have privacy in taxi’s anymore as from the 15th April next year, Oxford Council will be enforcing a new procedure to have CCTV camera’s fitted into taxi’s.

“All taxis licensed for the first time by Oxford City Council must have the equipment installed from April 6 next year, while cabs which are already registered will have until April 2015 to get the camera fitted, the council said.”- Daily Mail.

I can see the good thing behind it as it would cut back on the crime and assaults taxi drivers suffer but I don’t think the Council should have the right to enforce it. I think it should be up to the drivers if they have camera’s installed in their cabs.

“The council will pay £100 towards the cost of the camera’s” so the other £300 comes from? They cannot expect the owners of the taxi’s to shell out £300 towards a camera to go in every car! And where are they planning to put this? If it is to be wired and fixed in a certain position then surely the car will have to be adapted for it, which means more cost for the owner of the taxi. So £100 isn’t really going to go very far is it?

And once one Council starts this then other councils will follow. And then you have the privacy of the drivers who are just doing their job, why should they have to be filmed all the time? Surely it is a breach of their privacy? Yes there are assaults etc but is it really that common to bring these regulations in? Why tar all drivers with the same brush? Not all taxi drivers assault their passengers and not all passengers assault their driver so why is that the main argument for being monitored?

Or is it just another way for the Government to make money out of people? Obviously they will have their say in all of this, so why don’t they pay the drivers the £400 for having the camera installed instead of spending millions on things we don’t need, like the Olympic Stadium, for example!

Country is in debt… Lets build a billion pound stadium that will be used for 17 days! Yes that is totally the answer, it will solve all of our problems! The country is ran but fucking idiots.

“The footage will not be routinely viewed, but will be kept for 28 days on a CCTV hard-drive in case it is needed following a specific incident.” So what the is the point?! IF it is needed? And what if it isn’t? What then? These camera’s might be in place for years and might not actually catch anything happening.

Nope, I think it is just going to make the public even more paranoid about their privacy. Soon people won’t venture outdoors in case their every move is being caught on camera. Surely we, the general public, need to consent to being filmed? If not then is that not classed as voyeurism? I think there is still a lot of things the bright sparks behind this haven’t thought of.


8 comments on “Invasion of the taxi cam

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