Will he learn his lesson?

Pervert drama teacher, 48, who encouraged teenagers to have sex in the back of his car while he drove is jailed

  • Sentenced to three years in prison
  • Judge: ‘You became a teacher, you showed some talent at it but, from start to finish, you used it for your own purposes so you could exploit the children in your care’

3 years in prison! Seriously?! I would have just sentenced him to death. He isn’t going to be able to get back into teaching and what employer or fellow employee’s are going to be happy to have him working for or along side them?

He is as much use as the rest of the convicted criminals the British tax payer’s need to keep and we will continue keeping them until our Government see’s sense, grows a pair and leaves the EU so our judiciary can make it’s own sentencing rules, without having to think of peoples “rights”! Screw the right to life, his students had the right not to be subjects to his perverted abuse! He should be stripped of his rights and sentenced in a way that would show society and his victims that the Justice system isn’t completely screwed.

3 years is nothing compared to the number of years his victims will have to live with what he has done.

I know this post isn’t as opinionated as my usual comments but that is because the Dail Mail don’t submit comments that are too “offensive” yet it is perfectly fine for a drug dealing dwarf to walk the streets? No one is supposed to have a view on that?! So much for freedom of speech!


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